Quarterly Performance Reporting

We take our customers happiness seriously and work hard to achieve it. We don’t always get things right but when we get them wrong, we work even harder hard to sort it out.

We don’t hide behind complaints teams and processes, customers wishing to make a formal complaint or give feedback can email our CEO, Greg Jackson directly.

As a fast growing energy supplier, our challenges last quarter were weighted towards signing up and switching. The common themes from customers expressing dissatisfaction or making complaints over the quarter included:

  • Issues caused by other suppliers not promptly issuing final bills and refunds
  • Issues caused by other suppliers not keeping shared industry data up to date
  • Issues caused by other suppliers installing first generation smart meters that are difficult to read manually
  • Communication of the customer journey and what to expect during the transfer

How did we do last quarter with customer satisfaction:

We ask our customers for feedback after every interaction. This ensures we stay close to how we are doing and respond quickly if there is something we aren’t doing quite right.

Over the last quarter, 79% of customers said they were happy with their service experience with 13% rating their experience with us a neutral.

Customer Happiness Index Q4 2017

3rd Party Reviews of our service

We also look to 3rd party review sites to see how we are doing. So far this year, 92% of customers rate us as 5 stars on review site TrustPilot.

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 10,315 reviews.

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Our customer champions

Emily – Case study on customer empathy

Organising field engineers and contractors can often be as difficult for an energy supplier as they are for you and I. Sometimes jobs go wrong for a range of reasons but we know that our customers don’t judge us by the errors we make but by the way we handle them.

Our customer Holly had an incorrect meter installed on a faulty gas meter replacement job. The issue originated from a shortage of gas meters at the time but long story short, we kept in close contact with our customer 24/7 and the contracts doing to work to make sure Holly was looked after as best a possible.

Perfect Customer Service

So my 'energy experience' hasn't exactly been an easy ride to say the least. After moving into my new property, I discovered my gas meter was broken. No numbers were coming up, meaning I could not provide a meter reading. I quickly messaged Octopus Energy through their facebook page, baring in mind this was a Sunday. I quickly got a reply from them, sent them a photo and they were very helpful! An engineer was booked to come and have a look. The engineer came, the meter was changed, however, and this is where it gets tricky, he had put in the wrong meter. Instead of fitting a new credit meter he put in a pay as you go meter. In the notes for him it had been highlighted that it would be a credit to credit change and the previous meter was obviously credit. Since then, the engineer company called me saying they would come around on a certain day as well as octopus energy telling them to come on that day, but they didn't. Following this I called octopus energy and they arranged for someone to come around and make sure the pay as you go meter was topped up, assured me I will never be without gas and even offered me to order a takeaway for up to £30. Throughout this entire 'ordeal' I have been speaking to Emily from octopus energy and I cannot fault her one bit. The fault of one engineer has meant that she has had to deal with different companies and myself. She is always to hand, whether that be on the phone or through messenger, morning and night, weekdays and weekends. I know if I call to say my gas is running low, she will organise for someone to come and top it up. This has also been at no expense to myself. I am still paying less than quoted by any other company I looked at. If I could, I would give Emily a raise! Or at least a very, very, VERY big and expensive bottle of wine!


Based on Holly’s recommendation, we gave Emily a VERY big and expensive bottle of wine!


Lily – Case study on going in to bat for our customers

Our customers tell us that the big 6 are always quick to take money but not always so quick to give it back. We care about our customers and get frustrated when their old supplier isn’t treating them fairly.

Rather than telling our customers to call their old supplier, we do it for them where we can. That means we can often get these issues sorted quicker as we understand the processes and rules which helps us advocate the best outcome.

One of our customers John was having trouble getting a final bill (and big refund) from their old energy supplier. We sorted out by calling John’s old supplier, making sure they had what they needed and getting a commitment that the final bill (and refund) would be with them as promised.

OCTOPUS - A company where Service counts!

Switching to Octopus was so easy it was unbelievable. They did all the work.
Catching a bus is more difficult than switching to Octopus Energy!

When previous company (One of the "Big 6" - no names mentioned) was proving difficult about returning money to me I emailed Octopus for advice at 7.30pm, expecting a reply in the morning.
30 minutes later I had a reply!!

Lily had checked the information out, and confirmed that SSE (Ooops!) had been sent the information they denied having received. All well and good.
Then she said she would contact SSE to sort the matter out for me in the morning! Now, that is Real Customer Service!!
It is reassuring to know that this company does care about its customers! I feel safe with them.

Lil was Brill !!

Message to SSE - any more problems, and being economical with the truth, I will unleash Lil again!!


The regulatory bits for Quarterly Complaints Reporting

Reporting period Complaints received Received per 100k customer accounts Complaints resolved Resolved per 100k customer accounts Resolved the same or next working day Resolved in 13 weeks
Q1 2017 213 152 204 144 76.00% 99.40%
Q2 2017 250 154 250 154 79% 96%
Q3 2017 337 182 327 177 80% 98%
Q4 2017 528 213 485 195 67% 92%
Q1 2018 529 140 492 128 51% 90%

In 2018 Ofgem updated the reporting requirements.

Reporting period Complaints received Received per 100K customer accounts Complaints resolved Resolved per 100k customer accounts Resolved the same or next working day Resolved in 8 weeks
Q2 2018 824 229 790 229 51% 100%
Q3 2018 652 91 552 88 55% 97%
Q4 2018 1124 151 1011 151 41% 100%

We have taken this feedback on board and have already made several improvements including:

  • Improved communications during the transfer process to better explain the steps and timeframes involved.
  • More active advocacy on behalf of our customers with their old suppliers to help them resolve disputes that arise during the transfer. In particular, establishing a process to assist customers where the pervious supplier has failed to issue meter technical details for the correct meter following a recent smart meter installation.
  • Improved handling of meter reading issues and enhanced validation when meter readings are provided. This also included changes to our billing processes to reduce the number of customer bills that contain part estimates.
  • Revising our processes and providers of metering services to improve timeliness of non-emergency metering work.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!