Quarterly Performance Reporting

We’re the first to admit we’re far from perfect. But we see complaints as a necessary and valuable feedback mechanism so that we can keep getting better and better. Our CEO Greg likes to use the analogy of when we Brits go for dinner. The chips are soggy, the main is stone cold, but as soon as the server comes to ask if everything is ok we lie and say it’s all good. The customers leave and never return and the restaurant stays rubbish and can’t understand why they are making less and less money.

We don’t want to be that rubbish restaurant and that’s why it’s so important for us to listen when we do get it wrong. Yes it might be uncomfortable, but we’d rather you told us straight and give us a chance to fix it rather than leave still hungry!

How did we do last quarter with customer satisfaction:

We ask our customers for feedback after every interaction. This ensures we stay close to how we are doing and respond quickly if there is something we aren’t doing quite right.

Over the last quarter, 74% of customers said they were happy with their service experience with 14% rating their experience with us a neutral.

We also look to 3rd party review sites to see how we are doing. So far this year, 91% of customers rate us as 5 stars on review site TrustPilot.

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 53,280 reviews.

How we're doing (the numbers)

Reporting period Complaints received Received per 100k customer accounts Complaints resolved Resolved per 100k customer accounts Resolved the same or next working day Resolved in 8 weeks
Q1 2019 2641 239 2629 238 45% 99%
Q2 2019 3035 223 2794 205 47% 98%
Q3 2019 4559 266 4321 252 56% 98%
Q4 2019 5634 254 5634 254 55% 98%
Q1 2020 11498 442 10837 417 60% 94%
Q2 2020 12896 475 12892 471 66% 93%

Top 5 reasons for complaints last quarter

Sales and Marketing Via a 3rd Party

There can be a number of reasons why our third party agencies could be causing confusion and dis-satisfaction to our customers, from their customer contact strategy, usage information, tariff details and competitor intelligence. Here's what we've been doing to address the quality and compliance of our external partners.

  • We now have a dedicated quality team specifically monitoring the quality of our external partners.
  • We have re-designed the training structure, employee on boarding experience and compliance standards for all our external partners to adhere to.
  • We have included mandatory processes to work alongside our disciplinary procedures with huge emphasis on regulatory and Octopus Energy compliance and quality.


From our dynamic billing system, to our customer service and training - we are always looking for ways to improve our billing processes based on your feedback. Our experienced operations team work daily with our skilled tech team to ensure accurate bills reach our customers as soon as they enter a meter reading. Our improvements have ensured that our percentage of unbilled accounts is consistently reducing, and errors are kept to an absolute minimum.

We also hope that estimated bills will be a thing of the past, as we continue to install smart meters nationwide. We have made submitting manual readings more exciting than ever, with our Wheel of Fortune feature. In addition, as many customers live busy lifestyles, we now send friendly meter reading reminders by text and email to keep bills as accurate as possible.

In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, and particularly through the last quarter, with colder weather meaning people are using more power to heat their homes, we've noticed an uptick in the number of payment related complaints we've been receiving.

We always want to make sure that customers are paying the right amount for the energy they use in order to avoid building up a debit, so we run regular checks and proactively get in touch if something isn't right to let customers know that their payment amount should change. We'll always work with customers to make sure the amount they pay each month is affordable for them.

We've worked incredibly hard to ensure we're helping customers as best we can through COVID, including offering extended payment plans and designing a 'hardship referral form' to allow customers to give us detail about the way the pandemic has effected their household finances so we can give everyone tailored help to fit their individual needs.

Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Each time we have an interaction with you, we’ll send you a follow up survey to see how we did. We do this every time, not just for those who have had a straightforward query. We also have our CEO’s email address on the website. We don’t want to hide when things go wrong, we want to put them right. Off the back of the feedback from our customers we have:

  • Introduced and Operations Academy for Ongoing Excellence so we can continue to develop our people with the skills they need to be industry leading energy specialists.
  • Alongside this we have increased our team numbers meaning more people to respond and help you with anything you need.


Switching involves not only two companies, but also some industry third parties who verify information and help the switch to take place. This can lead to mistakes such as taking over the properties in error, people not getting the level of information they need about the switch or setting payments at the wrong level.

In order to prevent these things from happening, we are constantly reviewing information accuracy to try and minimise the chances of data errors.

  • We’ve tweaked our welcome pack to make very clear what happens next and worked with our partners to make sure that the information we're giving does not cause problems.
  • We don’t have any exit fees on any of our tariffs to make sure there are no unnecessary barriers to switching suppliers.


We understand the impact on our customers if there is dissatisfaction with their metering. That’s why we are constantly challenging ourselves and the industry to make processes as simple as possible and giving our customers as much control as possible. We will do everything we can to make sure your smart meter is installed and communicating with Octopus energy the first time, every time.

What we’ve done:

  • Developed industry-leading smart tariffs to continue to reduce energy consumption at peak times and provide a super low-cost supply for EV users
  • Our installation teams are working with our frontline energy specialists to ensure we have up-to-date information available to deliver the very best customer service
  • We are working closely with the meter manufacturers and industry leaders to make sure that any metering problems can be quickly identified, resolved and fixes put in place

What we’re doing:

  • empowering our frontline energy specialists with customer friendly technical instructions that allow commissioning of meters remotely meaning no second day off and quicker solutions
  • developing our own in-house installation team to ensure that the customer service delivered when installing meters is in line with the Octopus Energy overall customer service ethos
  • building a second-level, semi-technical team to assist in developing solutions with our specialist tariffs (GO, Agile, Export) customer base to make sure our customers are always getting what they want.
  • Teaming up with industry-leading EV manufacturer Tesla, to bring new service propositions, special tariffs and features to benefit the exploding electric vehicle market

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!