Including any questions you have about your old supplier.

What is a smart meter and can I have one?

What are they?

Smart meters are the next generation of metering technology. Not only will they save you the hassle of giving readings manually, but they have the potential to save you tons of money, and make your energy bills more accurate (no more estimates!) They'll also make you more aware of your energy usage and unlock a wealth of game‑changing tariffs.

Can I have one?

Yes. The smart meter programme is at a big transition phase as we start fitting the latest generation of the meter, which doesn't yet work everywhere in the country. Our CEO Greg has blogged about some of the challenges we're seeing and what we're doing to fix. If you would like us to prioritise you for an installation, please register your interest and we will be in contact over the next few weeks. If you would like one of our innovative tariffs, Octopus Go, Agile Octopus or Outgoing Octopus, please email

Just so you know, if you have a SMETS1, it doesn't need to be upgraded to SMETS2. Both are great pieces of tech, the key difference between SMETS1 and SMETS2 is that SMETS2 have the inbuilt functionality to let you change supplier without losing their 'smart' ability. However, existing SMETS1 meters will be upgraded remotely (with no engineer visit required) with this functionality later this year.

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