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Why are my usage graphs showing an error message?

From time to time you might see an error message in your usage graphs that says Your readings are on the way.

It can take a few days for your meter readings to come through to us. If you still don’t see readings after a couple of days, there could be an issue.  

There’s a connection issue with your meter’s ‘comms hub’

The ‘comms hub’ on your meter shares any usage information with us. If you aren’t receiving any bills at all, get in touch with us so we can look into it. 

We’re only receiving some of your meter readings

If we’ve stopped receiving your readings, or we’re only receiving some of your half hourly readings, you won’t be able to see your usage graphs and you might see missing readings on your statement. Get in touch with us if you stop receiving bills.

We’ve stopped sending you bills

If you aren’t receiving any bills from us you won’t be able to see any data in your usage graphs. We can still send you bills for your usage using the meter readings you send us, unless you’re on one of our smart tariffs.

If you haven’t received a bill for a while, get in touch at hello@octopus.energy.