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What are your smart meter targets?

We're big supporters of the Government's target to get a smart meter in every home by 2025.

This will help people manage how and when they use energy - saving money, carbon and the planet. We've been powering ahead with smart meter roll out. We installed 581,000 smart meters in 2022, and are all set for a further ramp up in 2023.

Our targets for 2023 (set by Government) are:

Domestic Credit

Elec: 307,010

Gas: 311,967

Domestic Prepayment

Elec: 4,751

Gas: 3,801

Non-Domestic Credit

Elec: 2,775

Gas: 350

The Government has a calculated formula for each energy retailers' annual smart meter target, based on the number of customers they have.

According to this, our target was to install 307,987 electricity smart meters and 294,892 gas smart meters in 2022 - a summary of our results is provided below.

In 2022 we installed 581,558 smart meters, however 87,039 were replacements so did not qualify towards our target.

Our target shot up in 2022 as it included Avro customers who we gained after their former supplier exited the market in late 2021.

If you'd like to know our specific targets: