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What are your smart meter targets?

We're big supporters of the Government's target to get a smart meter in every home by 2025. This will help people manage how and when they use energy - saving money, carbon and the planet. We've been powering ahead with smart meter roll out. Thanks to a great response from our customers, we installed 466,000 smart meters last year. We are all set for a further ramp up in 2022.

The Government has a formula for each energy retailers' 2022 smart meter target, which is based on the number of customers they have. According to this, our target is to install 294,892 gas and 307,987 electricity meters by the end of the year, a breakdown of which is provided below. This target has shot up because we have taken on the customers of Avro after it exited the market, and Avro was behind on its roll out programme. We are worried that a big push on smart meters is not the right thing for customers who have just experienced a retailer failure, and could damage hitting the 2025 target.

These are unprecedented times and the impacts of supplier failures will not have been in Government's thinking when forming the rules. We're in active and positive engagement with government and the regulator to agree a roll out strategy for 2022 that works for all our customers and toward the overall success of the smart meter rollout.

For those needing more specific detail, our targets are:

Domestic Credit
Gas: 292,892
Elec: 303,937

Domestic Prepayment
Gas: 1,600
Elec: 1,900

Non-Domestic Credit
Gas: 350
Elec: 2,150

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