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What is a smart meter booster?

Your electricity meter, gas meter, and In-Home Display all communicate with each other via something called the Home Area Network (HAN).

Some properties where the distance between meters are far apart or there are thick walls between your meters might require additional equipment to extend the range of the HAN in order to connect all of the smart metering devices.

To boost the signal, we’re installing technology known as ‘Alt-HAN’. If you are interested in getting Alt HAN installed, you can join our waitlist.

These boosters speak to the HAN and extend its range to help your smart meters and In-Home Display talk to each other. Similar to a WiFi booster, a smart meter booster uses the wiring in your property to widen the reach of the HAN. This allows the reach to extend through thick walls or other physical barriers.

Once your smart metering devices are connected, we can take automatic readings, and you can see up to date and correct data on your In-Home Display.

It’s important that these devices remain plugged in, otherwise your devices may stop communicating, and you’ll need to provide manual readings again.

Do I need to keep the devices plugged in?

Yes, for the devices to function properly, we need them to remain plugged in.

Do I need to take my smart meter booster to my new property?

Nope. The smart meter booster will only work at the property that it was installed at, so please keep this at the property if you move out.

Can I move the smart meter booster to another plug socket?

The booster can be moved, but we’d recommend keeping it plugged in at the location where it was originally installed. Moving the booster may affect the signal and disrupt the connection to the In Home Display and/or gas meter.

What should I do if the smart meter booster becomes faulty?

If a permanent red light is present on the booster, email us at hello@octopus.energy and we can arrange for the booster to be replaced, if required.