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Why isn’t my Smart Meter’s In Home Display (IHD) screen working?

Your In-Home Display (or IHD) is the little screen that comes with your smart meter and displays info about your energy consumption. Even if the screen doesn’t appear to be working, there’s a good chance we’re still fully connected to your smart meter with everything working fine.

Smart meters are great but they’re also complex – there are tens of thousands of different combinations of smart meter hard- and firmware currently in use around the UK, and they connect through a number of different companies and networks. This means from time to time, the connection can hit a speedbump, and bits of third party tech like IHDs don’t always work perfectly.

If you can see regular meter readings appearing on your online account, it means your smart meter itself is working fine and we’re connected. If readings aren’t appearing (or haven’t in more than 3 days), it’s more likely there’s a connection issue with your smart meter: just get in touch and we’ll check it out.

You can easily monitor your energy use online

The good news is there are other simple ways to monitor your energy consumption. Your ‘Explore my energy usage’ dashboard has a lot of the same info and you can access it easily from your phone or computer. You can also pin a shortcut to your phone’s home screen for an app-like experience, or download your online account as an app for iOS.

Troubleshooting IHDs:

  • Check that the screen is close enough to your meter: IHDs need to be within a few metres of your electricity meter to connect properly, and thick walls can disrupt the connection too.

  • Keep it plugged in: Your IHD runs on batteries, and if you let the batteries die, there’s a very small chance the screen will have trouble reconnecting once you’ve charged it back up.

  • Have you switched to us from another supplier? If you have a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter that was installed by another supplier, sometimes your IHD can stop working when you join us. (Find out what type of meter you have.)

Still need some help? Just get in touch and our energy experts will be happy to take a look.

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