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How do my monthly payments work?

When you first join us, we calculate your Direct Debit amount based on the information you give us in your quote. We take your expected energy usage for the next 12 months, work out the cost, and divide it by 12 so you’re spreading your energy costs over the whole year. 

We receive your meter’s historical usage information from your previous supplier once your switch is complete, which gives us a much more accurate idea of how much energy you use. If you don't have a smart meter, you can make sure your payments are as accurate as possible by sending us regular meter readings. If you have a smart meter, we should receive your readings automatically.

After you’ve been with us for a few months we may suggest changing your monthly payment amount as part of an account health check. That could be because you're building up a lot of credit, or you’re not paying enough for your usage. We'll always notify you via email before making any changes to your monthly payment. If you haven’t received a bill recently, or your account’s in debt, we ask that you contact us before changing your payment amount. 

Our Balance Forecast tool helps you make an informed decision about your payments. Balance Forecast maps out your energy balance over the next year, so you can see the impact of increasing or lowering your Direct Debit. You can use it to test out different payment amounts, decide on one you're comfortable with, and clearly see what your balance should look like in a year's time. 

Change your Direct Debit payment online

You can check your current balance and manage all of your payment details, including amount and payment date, from your online account or app. You can download our app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.