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Leaving Octopus if you have a prepay meter

We hate goodbyes, but if you want to leave Octopus, all you need to do is sign up with another supplier. We’ll send you a final statement and close up your account.

If your top up meter is in credit, we’ll refund you

If your meter is in credit, we’ll send your refund 3 to 5 working days after we send your final bill. We'll get in touch requesting your bank details so we can send the refund to your bank account.

If your account is in debt, we may transfer the debt to your new supplier

Account debt is sometimes called ‘gas debt’ or ‘electricity debt’ (if your meter isn't a smart meter, it could also be called ‘meter debt’). Usually, you would repay part of this debt each time you top up.

Account debt can include:

  • debt that’s been transferred to your Octopus account from a previous supplier

  • debt from a pay-monthly Octopus account

  • debt from credit that’s been loaned to you if you’ve run out of electricity but can’t afford to top up (known as ‘discretionary credit’)

If you have account debt when you leave Octopus, we may transfer it to your new supplier. If we do, they’ll set up a repayment plan with you.

Checking your meter for account debt

If you have a smart meter, you can see your account debt by signing in to your Octopus account

If you have a traditional gas meter:

  1. Take the card out.

  2. Press and hold A until you hear a beep.

  3. Keep pressing the ‘A’ button until you reach screen 27.

If you have a traditional electricity meter:

  1. If the key isn’t in the meter already, insert it.

  2. Use the blue A button to cycle through the screens until you reach screen S

Don’t forget to use your new supplier’s key or card

Once your new supplier has sent your new key or card, don’t forget to use them to top up.

It's a good idea to keep your gas card from Octopus, though. If you lose your new gas card and you’re running out of credit, you can use your Octopus card while you wait for a new one to arrive.

You won’t be able to use your Octopus electricity key again once you've switched.