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Do you send meter readers around?

We'll send someone to collect a reading from your meters if you're unable to take your own meter readings, or you haven't given us one in several months.

Even if you give regular reads - or have a smart meter - we may still send someone round occasionally to check everything's good.

The people who'll come round to collect your readings are from two independent meter engineers called TMA and Calisen (formerly Lowri Beck).

If you joined us from Bulb or Shell, meter readers will be from Morrison Data Services,

We only send meter readers around because it's really important to keep your energy account in good health - ensuring you're not overpaying for your energy, or underpaying and building up a surprise debt. The best way you can make sure you're paying the right monthly amount to cover your energy bill is to take regular meter readings.

We remind you each month about readings, but if you haven't given us any for a while - and we mean, a while - we might send a meter reader around to take them. We need at the very least one valid meter reading every year.