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Why is my account in credit or debit?

Most people use more energy in Winter and less in Summer, but pay the same amount each month via Direct Debit. That means your balance can vary a lot throughout the year as you build Summer credit to help offset higher Winter bills.

Not sure if your balance is on track? Check out our Balance Forecast tool.

If you pay by monthly Direct Debit, and you're on a standard Fixed or Flexible tariff, you can use this feature to see how payments and energy charges will impact your balance over the next 12 months.

If it looks like you're not paying enough to cover your energy costs, we'll reach out to you. We regularly review all of our customers energy incomings and outgoings, and we’ll always email you to suggest any changes that will keep your account healthy. You can also keep track of this yourself and change your payment amount online here.

If you're building up a debit, or worried about paying, here’s how we can help if you're struggling to pay.

If you think you're building up too much credit, make sure all your energy charges are up to date by giving a meter reading.

Want your credit back? You may be able to request some of it back online or by talking to our team.

What can we help you with?

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