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Do I need to contact my current energy supplier?

We'll liaise directly with your old supplier to let them know about your switch.

Most of the time we can do everything, but in rare cases your old supplier might object to your switch. This is usually because they don't know you're responsible for the account, i.e. you've just moved in, or there is an outstanding debt to clear.

If your old supplier does object, we'll let you know. In that case you'll probably need to contact the supplier yourself to resolve the issue. Once that's done, get back in touch with us and we'll restart the switch.

Once your switch is underway we'll ask you for meter readings. We'll use these to agree the exact point which we'll start billing you for your energy, and your old supplier will stop (so you don't end up paying for the same energy twice).

Your old supplier will then send out your final bill to close your account (or let you have any credit back) — sometimes this process can take up to 6 weeks.

The one thing we can't do is cancel your old Direct Debit — that's between your bank and your old supplier — but we do recommend you organise this as soon as you've settled up your final bill with them to make sure no further payments are taken.