A healthy ocean forever, for everyone.


As an organisation named after the most mythical sea creature that exists, Octopus Energy is delighted to be partnering with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).

Friend of BLUE? Get a quote today and we will donate £50 to their work for every dual fuel signup!


Rewilding the sea is the new way to capture carbon

Rt Hon George Eustice, Environment Secretary

BLUE aims to restore the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems.


BLUE is dedicated to creating marine reserves, restoring vital habitats, establishing models of sustainable fishing, tackling unsustainable fishing and connecting people with the sea all over the world.


BLUE’s mission is to see at least 30% of the world’s ocean under effective protection by 2030 and the other 70% managed in a responsible way.


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Octopus is thrilled to also be donating £25 for each Brighton Business that sign up to our Brighton Business Power Tariff to BLUE's Solent Oyster Restoration Project.

Oyster reefs filter the water column, removing nitrogen, sequestering carbon and providing habitats for hundreds of species. Globally, an estimated 85% of oyster beds and oyster reef habitats have been lost. BLUE is restoring this key habitat by placing mature “brood stock” oysters at high densities in cages hung in the water.

🐚 £25 could restore 30 oysters.

🐚 Each oyster can filter up to 114 litres per day.

🐚 30 oysters filter 3,400 litres of water per day.

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Fig 1. Children from Wiccor Primary School examine a tiny porcelain crab at BLUE’s Solent Oyster Restoration Project.

Fig 2. School children learn about oysters from BLUE’s PhD student.

Fig 3. Mature “brood stock” oysters are placed in nurseries, which are then suspended in the water.

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