Supplying local power to Brighton’s businesses

Brighton & Hove was one of the first councils in the country to declare a climate emergency. We’ve made it our mission to help you get great value green energy from local sources, helping the city become net zero by 2030.

The Brighton Business Power Tariff

Powered by great value, 100% renewable energy, sourced from Octopus Group’s Natewood Solar Farm, near Hailsham, and supporting local community energy schemes around Brighton.

For every business that signs up, a £25 donation will be made to Brighton’s The Clock Tower Sanctuary. Another £25 donation will be made to Blue Marine Foundation's Solent Oyster Restoration Project – find out more about the awesome work these organisations are doing below.

We're committed to working with local schools to help educate the next generation about how they take action on climate change.

We'll also provide you with tools to help you shout about your commitment to green energy, such as a certificate, digital logos and window stickers, plus an annual report on how much carbon has been offset by your business.


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Giving back with the Clock Tower Sanctuary

“Science shows extreme weather conditions such as flooding will increase and climate change will exacerbate the problems already faced by rough sleepers. Anything that can help the city meet the council’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 is wholeheartedly welcomed by us.”

– Frances Duncan, CEO, Clock Tower Sanctuary

Securing a brighter future for the next generation is not just about tackling climate change. We are delighted to be supporting the Clock Tower Sanctuary, which works with young homeless people in Brighton to give them space, support & stability. For every new business that signs up to the Brighton Business Power Tariff, we'll donate £25 to this organisation. You can find out more here.


BLUE's Solent Oyster Restoration Project.

Oyster reefs filter the water column, removing nitrogen, sequestering carbon and providing habitats for hundreds of species. Globally, an estimated 85% of oyster beds and oyster reef habitats have been lost. BLUE is restoring this key habitat by placing mature “brood stock” oysters at high densities in cages hung in the water. You can find out more here.

🐚 £25 could restore 30 oysters.

🐚 Each oyster can filter up to 114 litres per day.

🐚 30 oysters filter 3,400 litres of water per day.

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