Octopus Energy and Yeo Valley have partnered up to push for a sustainable future!


Yeo Valley share our love for all things green, and to celebrate our new partnership we're giving away some fabulous carbon-busting prizes!

A picture of Yeo Valley farm, with cows roaming free

For the last 25 years, Yeo Valley has championed organic farming and dairy production in the UK, and fought hard for the environment in the process. Organic farming has the potential to help reduce climate change by “fixing” more carbon into our soil than non-organic fertilizer driven farming. If all UK farmland adopted this delightful family business' organic methods, it would have the same impact as taking 1 million cars off the road.

What’s more, with more than 10% of British wildlife facing extinction, Yeo Valley’s Organic farms provide safe havens for a whole host of wonderful creatures: from bees and beetles, to hedgehogs and skylarks. By consciously managing habitats, their organic farms are 50% more abundant in wildlife than non-organic competitors.

To top it all off - Yeo Valley has taken the admirable decision to power their HQ with our 100% renewable energy! With all that in mind, we've decided to partner up, and push for a sustainable future together. Our first step is to launch a carbon-busting competition!

A pot of Yeo Valley Yoghurt with Octopus' imagery on it

We’re giving away a Tesla Model 3 and 10,000 family friendly mini trees!

You could soon be zooming around in a Tesla Model 3 – a seriously cool electric car with zero CO2 emissions. We then have up to 10,000 carbon-hungry young trees to give away to our lucky runners-up. You can either plant your tree yourself, or let Octopus Energy plant it on your behalf. The choice is yours. Plus, anyone who enters the competition can get £50 credit when they switch to Octopus via this link: yeovalley.octopus.energy.

You’ll find special codes on the inside of any Yeo Valley pack that features our “Win a Tesla” competition. All you have to do is enter your code on this website. The competition will run from 2nd March to 13th August, with packs available in supermarkets across the country.

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