Meet our new smart meter install service

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We’re beginning to reach the point where we can install the next generation of smart meters at pace for our customers.

A national programme as ambitious as the UK smart meter rollout could never be completely seamless (more detail about that in my previous blog), but we want our customers’ smart transition to be done ‘the Octopus way’ as much as possible.

So, we’re putting a fleet of octopus vans on the streets, piloted by our own meter engineers! 

Bear with us — it’ll be a little while before they’re installing at full pace — but here’s a sneak peek of the Octopus Energy Services team and their octomobile:

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You can get to know the team a little better on their site.

Look out for our vans around town in the coming months. If you spot us out and about, snap a picture of the van and tag us on IG or Twitter @octopus_energy, and we’ll give you a special mystery prize (let's be real, it’ll probably be a fluffy pink octopus).

Installing sustainably 

We’re pushing for fossil-fuel-free future, so it’s a shame to have to admit that the very first vans on our fleet aren’t electric. A meter installers’ setup requires a bigger van with a longer range than the current electric vans on the market (plus, we needed to assemble this super team as fast as possible, and the high demand for electric vans meant our first few had to be non-green in the interim). 

We obviously love electric vehicles, and we know how fast the industry is expanding and adapting to suit all driving needs. As we grow, our fleet will electrify ⚡

For now, we’ll be carbon offsetting the emissions from our vans, working together with local Brighton charity Renewable World to ensure any carbon produced is saved in an equivalent amount through installation of clean energy technologies around the world.

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