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This weekend, something awesome happened.

The rumours on Twitter are true. We paid customers to use energy: and gave it to them free for hours, because 70% of the UK's energy was produced by clean renewable sources.

Who doesn't love a banging bargain in the supermarket? 3 for 2 on baked beans? Yes, please. It can be the same with your electricity.

When there's more clean energy being generated than the UK can use, it can end up being switched off – we think that's a colossal waste. So we created Agile Octopus.

Agile is a smart tariff, unique in that its price changes every half an hour based on the wholesale energy price. Typically, when there's more green electrons in the wires, the wholesale price drops – so customers get cheap or free energy at the greenest times.

Sometimes, the price even goes negative: meaning WE pay YOU to use up spare green energy.

The average Agile Octopus customer saved Β£440 last year (vs being on a standard tariff). Interested?

How did customers react?

Agile prices are cheap the vast majority of the time, but when they actually go negative, Twitter has a party.

EV drivers filled their boots. Some even invited the neighbours round to charge. Honestly, it got a little competitive.

But you certainly don't need any of the coolest home tech – thousands of customers ran the dishwasher, washed the clothes, hoovered and more on free green power.

John even made bread around his chores!

Want to ride the green rollercoaster like these awesome people?

With Agile, you'll get access to half-hourly energy prices, tied to the wholesale market. There's a flip side to the cheap rates: prices can spike at busy times, so you need to be able to use power flexibly to make the most of it.

It's not every day the price goes negative – just the overwhelmingly green days – but rates are typically lower than a standard tariff most of the time.

And you'll need a connected smart meter to join up too.

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