Michael wins our Parlour's Picks prize draw

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Michael has bagged himself a signed Arsenal shirt for correctly guessing the outcome of last month's game against Watford! He fills us in on his favourite Arsenal memories including running down the street barefoot, screaming with his arms aloft celebrating this year’s FA Cup win!

How long have you been an Arsenal fan?

Since 1979 – 38 years!

What are your favourite Arsenal moments?

My first real memory is still one of the best – Alan Sunderland’s last minute FA Cup Final winner against Man Utd in 1979. But the greatest ever has to be Michael Thomas’s injury time goal at Anfield in 1989 to win us the league for the first time in my lifetime! Even in an era when we’ve not been quite so successful, Aaron Ramsey’s FA Cup Final winner over Chelsea 6 months ago still made me sprint down the street in my bare feet, screaming with my arms aloft, just as I had back in 1989. I’m not sure what the neighbours thought.

How did you hear about the Octopus Energy Arsenal Partnership?

I think I first saw it advertised on the Arsenal website.

What do you think about the Partnership?

I’m proud of my football club’s values and pleased to see them in partnership with a fresh new energy company that shares several of its ideals.

What attracted you to sign up?

A competitive deal on the price compare websites, green energy and the offer of Arsenal prize draws (although I never imagined I would win!)

Were you originally looking to switch energy supplier?


How often do you switch energy supplier?

It depends – but it seems to have been every few years of late.

How did you find the switching process?

Extremely straightforward. The email communication has felt prompt, personal and responsive at all times and is a huge strength of the company!

Were you looking for a green plan? If so, why?

I wouldn’t claim that it was our very first priority, but we were keen to do it as long as it was affordable!

How much did you save?

We have not saved money as it happens, but are now paying just 72p per month more for a green tariff than we were for a standard tariff with our old company and we are very happy with this!

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