Going beyond Earth Hour with Arsenal and Octopus Energy


On the 25th of March, Arsenal and Octopus Energy, with the support of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), turned off their lights for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a worldwide initiative that promotes action against climate change, bringing millions of people together to switch off lights and discuss climate issues.

In the largest Earth Hour yet, 187 countries and territories united against global warming. Aside from the energy saved by going dark, Earth Hour promotes action through education and organisation, bringing the attention of the world to one of its most serious problems.

Arsenal partnered with Octopus Energy to help realise their sustainability goals, and Earth Hour was a great opportunity for us to work together on something special. Emirates Stadium joined over 3,100 sights and landmarks in turning off their lights, and when the lights went back on, they were powered by 100% renewable electricity, sustaining Arsenal’s climate change action well beyond the hour. 

Watch our Lights Out for Earth Hour video below.

To make a lasting difference, we need to go beyond the hour and change our daily lives. By being more energy-efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and investing in renewable technology, we’ll help curb the effects of global warming before it’s too late.

The WWF recommends choosing renewable energy. Sunlight, waste, water, and wind provide an abundant resource of clean energy – all we need is the right technology to capture it. 

At Octopus Energy, our network of solar farms and anaerobic digestion sites have helped Arsenal save 2.32 million kg of CO² per year, the equivalent weight of 183 double-decker buses, or the annual CO² emissions of 580 fans*. 

You, too, can go beyond Earth Hour by joining the Arsenal 100% renewable electricity plan. You'll get the same renewable energy powering Emirates Stadium, and be entered into monthly prize draws to win signed shirts, footballs, and VIP stadium tours. 

*Calculation based on per capita annual CO² emissions in 2014 for the London borough of Islington.

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