Introducing FleetCharge: the community charging solution for EV fleets

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With transport now responsible for a third of the UK's carbon emissions and the cost of electric vehicles tumbling, more and more businesses are looking to adopt electric fleets.

What's standing in the way for some is a lack of charging spaces – especially where drivers have to take their vehicles home after work to flats or terraced houses without easy access to a charger.

We want to knock down barriers to fleet electrification and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, so we’ve teamed up with JustPark to create an innovative, 100% green community charging solution.

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FleetCharge guarantees drivers access to a private charger within 5 minutes’ walk of home, allowing them to cheaply charge their vehicles overnight.

Are you a business owner with an electric fleet or looking to take your fleet electric? Or do you have a parking spot you'd be happy to rent out?

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Where do we come in?

Octopus Energy Services, our talented Octo-engineers, will be installing new FleetCharge chargers at existing JustPark spots, as well as at loads of new ones – whether at businesses, parking facilities or even in keen people's driveways – to ensure drivers on FleetCharge can access a local charger 5 minutes away. We'll be powering all those chargers with 100% clean, green electricity, and they'll be added onto the Octopus Electric Universe so company drivers can check out all the chargers available to their business fleet.

For business vehicles, charging overnight saves crucial working time, and ensures drivers charging up outside of peak energy times so they're not added strain to the grid and instead, often are using a higher proportion of green electrons to refuel.

Get paid to share your parking spot and power with a local EV driver

Building on JustPark’s community charging network, FleetCharge allows driveway owners to get paid for loaning out their parking spots and having an EV charger installed so drivers of business vehicles can charge up there.

Are you a business owner looking to electrify your fleet? Do you have a parking spot you’d like to turn into a FleetCharge charging spot?

Pop your details below and we'll contact you when there's more information.

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