ENGIE, including Qwest Energy and Roar Power, are becoming part of the Octopus Energy family: what does it mean for customers?

Octopus Renewables

We've announced plans to take over supply of ENGIE's 70,000 customers. The acquisition will support ENGIE and Octopus Energy’s continued commitment to renewable energy.

ENGIE, Qwest Energy and Roar Power customers benefit from Octopus Energy's technology platform, best-in-class customer service and 100% renewable electricity.

If you're a customer of ENGIE, Qwest Energy or Roar Power, you've come to the right place. We'll update this post with the latest information on the transition.

I’m a customer, what do I need to know?

Why is my energy supplier changing?


ENGIE has decided to focus on the business supply market and will no longer provide gas and electricity to homes in the UK.

ENGIE selected us to take over the supply of home customers due to our commitment to renewable energy, fair and transparent pricing, and excellent standards of customer service (we’re the only Energy Provider Recommended by Which?)

I've never heard of Octopus Energy. Who are you?


Octopus Energy is an award-winning green energy supplier (find out more about us here). We've recently acquired ENGIE, Qwest Energy and Roar Power, and we're currently moving all accounts over to us to become Octopus Energy customers. There will be no impact to your energy supply, we will maintain any fixed pricing you are on, and move you onto our fair priced flexible tariff if you aren't on a fixed rate.

Your DD will also be moved over to us automatically, and any credit balance you have will be protected and moved as well. If you don't want to be with us, you'll be able to switch to another supplier once the migration is complete. ENGIE, Qwest Energy and Roar Power have already emailed all customers about the timings of this a couple of times, so you might want to check your junk folder if you've missed it.

What do I need to do?


You do not need to do anything. We’ll be in touch shortly to give you more information on how and when your account will be transferred.

It will take us a few months to move all customers onto Octopus systems as quickly and seamlessly as possible. There will be no impact to your energy supply. Please continue to contact your normal customer services line. Don’t contact Octopus yet, we will be in touch nearer the time with any information you need.

Does this affect my energy supply?


There will be no interruption to your energy supply.

You will transfer to Octopus Energy’s systems and will receive their award-winning customer service.

Will my tariff remain the same?


If you have a fixed term tariff, the end date and rates you pay will remain the same.

If you are on one of ENGIE’s variable tariffs (ENGIE Safe &; Easy or Pay As You Go), your prices will remain the same at transfer and may reduce if we can offer an equivalent cheaper tariff.

I have already begun my switch away from ENGIE – what do I do?


That's fine, you'll continue to switch to your new supplier from ENGIE. Due to the timing of your switch and the move from to Octopus, your new supplier may have a bit of trouble taking you over at first. If there are any problems, please ask them to restart the switch.

I want to switch away now – what do I do?


You’ll be free to switch - but during your transition from one system to another there may be a short period when switching may not work. We will inform you in advance of any period when switching may fail so that you can plan accordingly.

I want to change my ENGIE tariff to another ENGIE tariff, can I do this now?


During the transfer period to us you will not be able to change your ENGIE tariff to another ENGIE tariff. When your account has been successfully transferred, you are free to change to another eligible Octopus Energy tariff or switch away from Octopus Energy.

What do I do if my tariff is coming to an end in March?


We will provide a renewal offer in due course.

Will my direct debit payment date remain the same?


Energy companies review direct debits from time to time in order to make sure that customers are paying the right amount to cover their energy use. We will continue to do that when you are on the Octopus systems. However, the move itself shouldn’t change your direct debit amount.

Should I cancel my direct debit?


No, please do not cancel your direct debit, this will transfer automatically to Octopus Energy.

What will happen to the balance on my account at transfer?


There will be no change to your balance due to the transfer. Whether you are in credit or debit, your balance will be transferred over to us.

What about my account credit?


The debit or credit on your account will be transferred to your Octopus account. This balance will be confirmed with you when you move.

I’m moving to a new home – what do I do?


If you are moving home, please call ENGIE’s Customer Service Team on 0800 280 8000, who will transfer the details to us.

If you have already told ENGIE you are moving home, you do not need to do anything else.

I have received a bill from ENGIE, who do I pay and when is payment due?


You will need to pay as stated on the bill to ENGIE. You may still receive a bill from ENGIE over the next few weeks whilst the transfer process is underway, please pay this as usual.

Once your account has been transferred, future bills and payments will be made to your us or your new supplier, but details of this will be communicated at the time.

What happens if I am on a pre-payment meter?


If you are running low on credit, you can continue to use your current ENGIE key and card. We will be in touch with new details and will issue a new key and card during the transfer process.

I am on a Green tariff – will I be transferred onto an equivalent tariff?


Yes, 100% renewable electricity is standard on all Octopus Energy tariffs.

What happens if I have a smart meter?


If you have a Smart meter, then this should continue to operate in the same way with Octopus Energy.

I have an open query or complaint – will it be resolved?


ENGIE will continue to review your query or complaint. If they are unable to find a resolution before the transfer, then this will be managed by Octopus Energy following the transfer of your account.

What will happen to my data?


During the transfer of your account, ENGIE will only share personal data that is relevant to the transfer of your account with us. We will only share this data at the time it is required.

How can I obtain more information on the transfer process?


We have set up a dedicated team to answer any questions about the transfer process which can be reached on 0800 280 8000, press *, between 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday.

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