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We know looking for up-to-date resources on EVs is enough to drive you round the bend.

That's why we've popped together this handy list with the help of the National Grid - of why we think EV's are putting us en route to a greener future. From helping to decarbonise the grid to simply being a joy to drive ... read on if you're looking to discover some pretty great benefits of going electric. ⚡️

Easy to use...

... and pretty darn fun to drive. The average range of an EV is 215 miles, making range anxiety a thing of the past – especially with the UK’s charging infrastructure growing each day. Worried about charging points? With over 26,000 public charge points we're pretty sure you'll be looking for somewhere to charge your phone more often than your car. With their simplicity and responsiveness, they’re an exciting ride too. Some EVs such as the Tesla Model 3 can go from zero to 60mph in about three seconds.

If speed isn't your game, the ease of operation and smooth ride are also big attractions. With no clutch, many EVs are similar to traditional automatic cars, except for the regenerative braking that gives smooth deceleration when the foot is taken off the accelerator. This makes for some pretty great ride quality and even extends the driving range.

More affordable than ever

EV's are an investment and we're not saying they always come cheap. But it's a pretty good time to make the jump, Salary Sacrifice schemes can save you up to 40% on the cost of driving electric. Allowing you to simply pay for a brand new EV from your gross salary. What's even better, once the lease ends those simple to run and maintain cars enter the pretty exciting secondhand EV market - so if it's not in your range right now, watch this space 👀

Not to mention the Plug-in Grant, EV home charging scheme and urban travel exemptions (like London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone). Additionally reduced parking costs and favourable company car rates all combined are enabling more people to get going electric – for less. Forget bitcoin, if you ask us a shiny new EV is an investment that will definitely turn a few heads on the school run.

Another way to make your day-to-day greener

Driving is an important part of many of our routines and lifestyles. With increasing pressure to all do our part, driving an EV might just be the ticket for you! EVs come with zero tailpipe emissions and cut surface transport carbon emissions -these make up 22% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. With the possibility to improve air quality, and now the opportunity to repurpose EV batteries for energy storage. EVs are continuing to make our energy system smarter.

Helping to decarbonise the grid

As an EV owner, you can use 'green power’ when renewable energy is plentiful. Turning your EV into an energy asset when you have unused energy from your car’s battery? You can reintroduce it to the grid. Click below to see the full report. You can even make use of our smart tariffs such as Octopus Go and Intelligent Octopus and discover a whole new world of driving and support.

Read the report

This has been a shortcut through some of the amazing information we've been able to compile with the National Grid. If you'd like the full tour click below to download the report.

And as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on our socials, or drop us an email at

Octopus + The National Grid EV Report 2021


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