Congratulations Steve! November's Arsenal prize winner


Congratulations to Steven Powell on winning our November Arsenal prize draw!

Steven won an Arsenal football signed by the 2016/17 first team squad.

We met up with Steven at Emirates Stadium to give him his prize and find out a little bit more about his connection with Arsenal, and why he chose the Arsenal energy plan.

Hi Steve. How long have you been an Arsenal fan for?

Since January 1968. I go to almost all the games – every game I can get a ticket for basically. I'm on the waiting list for a wheelchair season ticket.

How did you hear about Arsenal partnering with Octopus Energy?

On Facebook.

What do you think of the Partnership?

Its perfect for me. I like green and I'm environmentally conscious. It’s green energy and it supports my club – what more do I want?

Were you planning to switch your energy at the time?

I was thinking about looking around because the green energy I was getting from last supplier was getting a bit expensive. When then this came along, I compared the two and there was no contest – I’m saving money, supporting The Arsenal, and I’m supporting the environment. Can't say better than that!

Are you a regular switcher?

No. This is only the second time I've switched. I switched to a green energy company, then again to Octopus – another green company!

How did you find the whole switching process?

Super, super easy. I just had to send the meter reading and that was it, basically.

And how much did you save?

About £15 a month, which is worth having!

Want cheaper, greener energy and a chance to win Arsenal prizes?

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