Congrats Paul! March's Arsenal prize winner


We visited Paul Lewis, aerospace engineer, to congratulate him on winning March's prize draw. 

Paul is now the proud owner of a football signed by the first team squad. At his workplace in Cranfield University, Paul told us of his favourite Arsenal moments, and why the Arsenal green tariff was right for him...

How long have you been an Arsenal fan?

I've been a fan since the '70s. My grandmother bought me a kit – I think it was for Christmas – and I was a fan from that point onwards. In time for the 1971 double, I think! Frank McLintock was the team captain at the time.

How did you hear about the partnership with Octopus Energy?

I got an email from the club explaining the partnership and what it could do for me.

Were you looking to switch at the time?

Yes I was. I was coming to the end of a two year fixed deal with Npower so I was looking around at that sort of time anyway. I think it was the Arsenal link and the green link, and you were very competitive so I didn’t look much further really.

Do you switch regularly?

Not for while. I mean, we switch house insurance every year. We switch energy occasionally, but it’s not something I would switch as often as I should do. I think with insurance it varies a lot, so it’s worth looking every year. But energy, because there’s no break, you just pay by direct debit, so you’re not really reminded to switch.

Were you looking for a green tariff? 

It appeals to me. We’ve got solar panels on the house. Our next car will probably be a hybrid. It’s something I’m conscious of. I have children, so we ought to look after the planet for them.

How did you find the switching process?

Oh very easy. I think I exchanged emails with your office about something or other, and they were extremely helpful. And frankly this person spoke to me on first name terms, asked me how my day was, and it feels like you’re actually talking to someone, you know.

Who’s your favourite Arsenal player?

Going back, Tony Adams was a hero. I think that’s what we’re missing at the moment, you know, we need a strong captain. I think the mood at the moment is that everyone needs to be a captain. I don’t get to see them very often, but I think that’s what we’re missing – someone with the force of will to drive the team on.

What’s your favourite Arsenal moment?

The highlight was winning the league at Liverpool in ‘89. I watched it on the telly. It was live on a Friday evening. I think the whole street heard me when they scored a goal! It was a tremendous time.

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