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This Winter, we’ve been trying something a little different to help as many people as possible. We’ve sent friendly, knowledgeable Energy Helpers door to door across the country to share energy saving advice, answer questions, run energy efficiency checks and signpost people to support schemes and other ways to save on bills.

So, how’s it been going?

We've visited thousands of customers, particularly targeting households that are struggling the most in the energy crisis.

Based on feedback collected post-visit, 90% of customers had a good experience, and more than two thirds said they felt more in control of their energy after their Energy Helper visit.

What do our Energy Helpers really do?

Check out this virtual visit with Max the Energy Helper.

You can find out more about lovely Max in our blog, A day in the life of an Energy Helper.

Here’s what customers had to say about their Energy Helpers.

Friendly, answered questions clearly, provided actionable practical advice.

Ismail visited 27/11. We discussed all aspects of energy and I found it most helpful. The visit underlined the difference between Octopus and other suppliers and left me feeling really pleased with our choice. Keep up the good work.

The caller, John, was polite, friendly and very informative. The thermal camera imaging did get me thinking about draught excluders and new door and window seals. I appreciate that John's visit was about helping and guiding people who are currently struggling with their energy bills and that is laudable.

Carrie visited my area the other week and I have to say that she was the most lovely person I have ever come across. So friendly, chatty and an all round fabulous person. She clearly knows her stuff and is an absolute credit to the organisation.

I found your energy adviser Connor to be extremely helpful and articulate. I am confident that the advice that I was given will help reduce my energy bill.

He showed me with the temperature camera areas where the cold was getting into our home and visually how having the curtain closed kept the heat in with the camera.

I found the visit from Matt very helpful. He was very professional. Checked that I was being charged correctly and explained my bills to me, which I didn’t understand.

I would firstly like to say thank you to Octopus Energy for taking the time to send out a representative to provide energy-saving advice during a energy and cost-of-living crisis. I spoke with Maleka, an extremely knowledgeable, courteous and vibrant energy-expert. She provided energy-saving advice tailored to my current needs.

I am now much more educated on the energy industry and energy-saving practices, and its exciting!

We've got many more people to visit over the coming months – we might even be on a street near you!

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