An afternoon with Iain Wright, MP

greg and ian

It's not every day you have an MP walking into your office...

So we were especially pleased to enjoy an afternoon with Iain Wright, MP for Hartlepool and Chair of the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Select Committee. 

We had a great afternoon with Iain, and covered a lot of different topics. We discussed our vision for the future of energy – one that is centred around the customer, founded on transparency, and digitally-led. 

It was also a great opportunity for Iain to get real insight into the way we do business by speaking to the people responsible for it. Designers, Energy Specialists, Developers, Pricing and Data Analysts – all with one goal in mind: making energy better for people in the UK.

As Iain himself said, we've a great bunch of dedicated people here at Octopus. He commented on the buzz around him, on the sense of focus, direction, and commitment. Needless to say, we were very proud. 

Thank you for a great afternoon, Iain!

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