We've just turned 5!

This May, Octopus Energy turned 5 years old! Since our start as a teeny energy supplier, we've grown to power 2.2 million happy customers in the UK, and many more around the world. Every single one of them is helping us build towards a 100% green future. So, we wanted to celebrate...

We reckon creative kids can save the world, so we held a special contest, calling for artists, musicians, poets, actors and mini-creatives of all kinds to get involved.

We asked Fellow 5 year olds:

How can we make the earth a better place?

Spell-binding creations of all kinds poured in. Everyone who shared a creation will win a special Octo-prize, but ten lucky kids will win a Tesla Model S for Kids and a year's free energy.

An esteemed panel of Octo-judges will pick two winners, but we need your help to choose the other eight...

Constantine next to a happy earth

Public voting is live: Now with double the prizes! 🎉

vote for your favourite creative kid to win before 25th June

Vote on YouTube

How do I vote?

We've uploaded every kid's video on the Octopus Energy YouTube channel, split into lots of smaller playlists based on first letter of first name. We received hundreds and hundreds of amazing videos – the playlists are just there to help people navigate through all these entries more easily, and to ensure every kid has a fair shot.

Once you've found your winner, just hit ‘Like’ on their video to place your vote!

  1. Browse through the playlists or find your kid's video on YouTube by searching their name or creation title and ‘Octopus Energy’
    If for any reason you can't find your kid's video, or there looks like there was a problem with the upload, just email hello@octopus.energy with the subject ‘5th B'day video’ for speedy help.
  2. Share the video far and wide to get votes – all anyone needs to do to vote is to like the video.
    Our one little rule so it's fair: genuine likes only, meaning please don't pay for or ‘fake’ video likes in any way, whether that's via bot/fake accounts, or by paying for ads to drive people towards your video.
  3. Don't forget to tag us if you're posting on socials @OctopusEnergy, and use the hashtag #Octo5thBday.
  4. Voting ends on 25th of June at 8pm

Double the prizes, you say?

We've been overwhelmed and amazed to receive hundreds and hundreds of entries for this competition, and we're not proud to say we had a bit of a birthday wobbly that meant some kids got a bit of a head start in their voting.

It wouldn't be fair to take hard–earned votes off anyone, but it also wouldn't be fair to let everyone else start getting votes on the back foot. So, we thought the proper thing to do was add an extra 5 more grand prizes for the kids who've got started a little later.

That means five more ‘mini-Tesla + year of free energy’ grand prize bundles up for grabs!

Constantine sneaking onto the page from the side to say hi!
  • For the kids who started getting votes earlier (on 7th of June), the original 5 chances to win a grand prize and a little head start
  • For the kids whose voting started a little later (on 10th of June) the original 5 chances to win a grand prize and an extra 5 grand prizes by public vote
  • EVERY KID who shared a creation and video gets an amazing prize later this Summer: a brand new giant fluffy octopus toy and special sustainable energy book, AND an extra surprise goody bag

We've put every single kid's video up on our YouTube channel (in lots of different playlists, so no one's video is right at the top with an unfair advantage).

Voting closes for everyone on June 25th at 8pm, and no matter who your favourite is, all you need to do to vote is hit like on their video.

Vote on YouTube

OR, head straight to our 5th Birthday playlists below:

Videos are split into playlists by the first letter of the creative kid's first name.

Can't find your kid's video? Make sure to search their name and ‘Octopus Energy’ together in YouTube, and check through the correct letter playlist below. If there's no sign of it (or if there's a problem with the upload) just email hello@octopus.energy with the subject ‘5th B'day video’ for speedy help.

10 fantastic families will win:

Free energy for a year

1 year of free energy

We'll cover your energy for the year.

Tesla Model S for kids

That's right – a fully electric mini-Tesla for kids! These babies are so special they're not even available on the continent yet, but we've managed to get our tentacles on a few. What kid doesn't want to ride clean in one of these! Coming Summer 2021.

Oh, and every family wins:

Giant fluffy constantine

Our sustainable, recyclable plush Octopuses have captured everyone's hearts. You'll be the first recipients of our all-new, 100% recycled version. Coming Summer 2021.

Octopus children's book

We're working on a very special book with DK Publishing to help kids understand renewable energy. You'll get the first edition, signed by our co-founders. Coming Summer 2021.

goody bag

Full of lots of lovely special mystery items from us to you! Coming Summer 2021.

What happens next?

25th June

Voting period ends

30th June

Winners announced

The 8 with the most votes will be selected as winners, and our expert Octopus panel will choose another 2 of our favourites

Summer 2021

Goodies and prizes received

Fair prices for everyone

That's why, over the past year, the difference between our fixed and standard price was less than 1%

Octopus Energy is USwitch's supplier of the year for 2020

We won't leave you hanging

We've answered your calls within 2 minutes on average over the past year

Octopus Energy is REA's company of the year for 2019

100% green

All our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water