What is wind energy?

Wind energy utilises air flow to power generators creating electricity.

Wind is key to sustainable development as it is abundant, renewable, and clean.

image of wind turbines and solar panels

Wind is a byproduct of the solar energy!

It is a result of:

  • The sun unevenly heating the atmosphere,
  • Earth's irregular surfaces (like mountains and valleys) and,
  • Earth’s rotation around the sun.

These factors combined produce winds.

As long as the sun heats the planet, wind will continue to be in plentiful supply.

Turbines efficiently harness wind power with minimal maintenance.

schematic image of wind turbine

How does a wind turbine work?

A wind turbine works by converting the kinetic (motion) energy from wind into electrical energy, which we can use in our homes and businesses.

Here’s a simple breakdown of how it happens:

  1. When the wind blows, it spins the turbine's blades.
  2. These spinning blades turn a shaft connected to a generator inside the turbine.
  3. The generator then produces electricity.
  4. This electricity can be used to power homes and businesses.

What about when the wind doesn’t blow?

Of course, it’s not windy all the time.

So when it’s not, we currently fill the gaps with electricity generated by gas.

That’s why fossil fuel companies often describe gas as “the transition fuel”. We can use it as a gap filler until other technologies and renewable sources can take over.

Why is wind SO great?

Wind is cheap. Gas is expensive.

Power generated from wind is cheaper than gas (and this was even before the energy crisis).

Renewable and Sustainable.

It is an inexhaustible source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels, which are depleting over time.

Environmentally Friendly.

Turbines produce no pollutants or greenhouse gases during operation. It is a clean energy source.

Land Use Efficiency.

Although wind farms require space, the land can still be used for other purposes, such as agriculture or grazing.

Energy Independence.

Using wind can help reduce dependence on imported fuels, which can fluctuate in price and availability. This enhances energy security.

It's never been more important to end our reliance on imported gas and fossil fuels.

For a clean, affordable, and independent energy future the UK needs more renewables like wind - and fast.

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