Chain Changers: Treflach Farm

Now more than ever, companies need to start taking accountability for the environmental impact of their whole supply chain.

That is why we are thrilled to be partnering with Treflach Farm, offering 100% green energy to all of their suppliers with the opportunity to make a truly positive contribution.

For every Treflach Farm supplier that signs up, we will donate £100 to Renewable World.

Renewable World are helping to end poverty and fight climate change through renewable projects including Nepal and Kenya. You can find out more below.


The aim is to have the whole of Treflach's supply chain running on 100% renewable energy- taking what it means to be a green business to a whole new level!

Signing up takes 5 minutes. How’s that for your good deed of the day?

Not a Treflach supplier, but a customer or friend?

If you sign up via the link below, you can get £50 off your first bill, and save Treflach £50 off theirs.

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About Renewable World

Renewable World envision a world where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change.

Since 2008, they have reached 40,000 people with renewable energy technologies and services. Most of their projects are based in Nepal and Kenya.

In these areas so far, they have:

⚡Provided 182kW of solar energy

⚡Supported 222 small businesses institutions and smallholders

⚡Pumped over 450 Million litres of water

You can find out more here

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