Grab a green energy guided reading set for your school, on us

Teachers: we need your help to arm the next generation with knowledge about climate-saving energy.

We've written our own children's book: "Going Green with Constantine", and we want to see it in classrooms across the UK.

Early last year DK publishing approached us to bring the world of green energy to life in a children's book and this is the result, thank you to them for partnering with us.

6 Going Green with Constantine books
Page of Going Green with Constantine Book

That's where you come in.

We've created an über-special guided reading set:

  • 6 of our new "Going Green with Constantine" storybooks
  • An activity worksheet

To help as many kids as possible get their hands on our book, we're offering a set to every primary school in the UK, completely free.

Our book is ideal for young kids aged 8 and up, so we're spreading the word to teachers of Key Stage 2 / Primary 3-6 English classes.

Claim a free set for your school by June 1st 2022

What's Going Green with Constantine about?

This book was a collaboration between DK Publishing and Pete, one of the co-founders of our business. The story puts fascinating facts about green power into terms kids can understand (thanks to a helping hand from Pete's lovely wife Kel, a primary teacher, and their 8 year old son, Cam).

The story follows a curious pink octopus called Constantine and friends on a remarkable tour through the world of renewable energy. It's a quick 20 minute read full of laughs. We've also created some worksheets with activities to help the knowledge sink in after, and thrown in some super cute eco stickers too.

Why are we doing this?


The past few years have been incredibly challenging for all of us. We want to recognise the tireless efforts of teachers in looking after kids throughout the pandemic, and show kids that there's hope for a fossil fuel free future.

The energy crisis has made things incredibly tough for families in the UK, and as one of the UK's largest energy suppliers we're doing all we can to support our customers through it, and building green energy solutions to make sure we never face another fossil fuel crisis like this again.

Long before gas prices skyrocketed, we'd been lovingly crafting this kids' book. It's been our mission since day one to move the world to green energy, and educating the public is a crucial part of that. It's now more important than ever that our future is fossil fuel free: and we want the next generation to know that fairer, greener energy is possible if we collectively fight hard enough.

These books are printed sustainably on demand by the wonderful team at DK Publishing in Scotland.

If you have any questions just pop us an email to with the subject line "School Books".

Who is Octopus Energy?


We're a green energy company, powering more than three million UK homes with 100% green electricity. Just five years ago, our business was born, with a mission to make energy greener and fairer for the world using technology. Now, we're one of the UK's largest energy suppliers, and we're growing all around the world, with support from global investors including Generation: the green investment fund co-chaired by tireless champion for climate action, Al Gore.

We're one of Europe's largest investors in renewable energy: operating enough green generators (like wind turbines and solar farms) to power millions of homes around Europe. And we're building more all the time to help the UK ditch fossil fuels for good.

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Alright, what's the catch?


Nothing, ziltch, zero. There's no cost, and you don't need to be an Octopus Energy customer – we'd just really like to send you a set of six Constantine books, a worksheet and some stickers for you and your classes to enjoy totally free.

I'm a teacher but I didn't receive a letter from Octopus – can I have a set?


If you work for a primary school in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and you'd like a set but you didn't receive a letter, please pop us an email to with the subject line "School Books" and we'd be happy to take a look.

We began sending out batches of letters on the 27th of April 2022 we'd recommend waiting about 2 weeks before emailing as yours should be on its way!

Our terms and conditions


KS2 Book giveaway

This is just a nice thing we'd like to do to say thank you to teachers. Oh and also we hope that the next generation of tree-huggers like us will enjoy our book!

But here's the boring legal stuff anyways...


1) The promotion will be run by Octopus Energy Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 09263424 and registered office 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT (“Octopus Energy”).

2) Octopus Energy reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on our website.

3) By entering this promotion, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions and any other applicable instructions.

4) In the event of any dispute regarding any aspect of the promotion, the decision of Octopus Energy shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Offer Entry

6) This promotion is for Primary Schools in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) - specifically Year 4 classes (age range 8/9) and is available from the 27th of April until the 1st of June 2022.

Only addresses that we've sent letters to will be eligible to sign up for a set of books. You will not be able to change the address for delivery, we will only send books to the same address that our invitation letter was sent to. This offer can only be claimed once per school.

7) You'll receive; 1 set of 6 books per school and a photocopiable worksheet. No cash alternative is available.

Can I download the Lesson Plan and Activity sheets?


Yes of course. In this link you can download:

  1. The Lesson Overview
  2. The Lesson Plan
  3. The Activity Sheets 1 & 2

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!