Terms & conditions updates

Here you'll find the latest terms and conditions for the Octopus Energy group brands: Octopus Energy, Affect Energy, Co-op Energy, M&S Energy and London Power.

Version 3.5: Updated July 2022

  • Updating our registered office address details
  • Introduction section 1 – simplifying and removing duplicated wording
  • Section 4 – changes to reflect the new Ofgem Faster Switching regime (that customers can switch energy supplier in in 5 working days rather than 21 days)
  • Section 5 – clarifying what happens if you cancel during the cooling off period in light of the Faster Switching process
  • Section 8.10 – new paragraph required by Ofgem to explain what happens to credit balances in a supplier of last resort scenario
  • Section 18.2 – adding contact details for Advice Direct Scotland
  • General section 23 – consolidating the wording in this section
  • Non-material tidy-up changes throughout

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