Modern slavery statement


Octopus Energy Group Limited is a private limited company (registration number 09718624), with various subsidiaries in the UK and globally. The Octopus Energy Group operates both as a retailer to procure and supply gas, electricity and associated services to residential and business customers and as a software platform provider through our technology platform Kraken, which automates much of the energy supply chain. We also encompass businesses that engage in energy supply - through renewable energy generation, electric vehicle leasing and the installation of smart meters and electric vehicle chargers, alongside other energy technologies.

Group structure

Octopus Energy Group Limited has various subsidiaries both in the UK and around the world. This statement applies to Octopus Energy Group Limited and all its subsidiaries. Where one of our subsidiaries needs to take enhanced steps to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place in its supply chains or business (for example if it operates in a higher risk environment), we ensure that the subsidiary has appropriate measures in place, which may include a subsidiary producing its own modern slavery statement if applicable.


The Octopus Energy Group is passionate about creating a business which people want to be part of, both as customers and employees. We find the idea that people are forced to work against their will or best interests abhorrent and we’re committed to making sure this doesn’t happen across our supply chains in the Octopus Energy Group. We recruit brilliant people, we pay them fairly, and we treat them and their lives with respect, and we are methodical about ensuring that our suppliers and partners do the same.


We carefully select partners and suppliers to work with based on a number of factors, including their integral reputation within their industry. Our onboarding process is clear on our business and personal principles, and where appropriate we include contractual provisions to reflect our suppliers’ responsibilities to minimise their risk of slavery and human trafficking.

Within our current product portfolio, we believe the risk of encountering modern slavery or trafficking through our own operations or those of our suppliers is low. We receive services and goods that are either related to the energy industry (such as parts to install smart meters and electric vehicle charge points) or are used in an office environment (such as computer software elements). There are multiple processes in place across our group, and although each vary, we believe they are robust enough to identify any risks in our supply chain.

Even with this low risk profile, we will not work with anyone who we believe is unable to keep to the standards we expect. We will not tolerate unethical behaviour by our suppliers in relation to slavery or human trafficking and we do everything we can to react promptly and effectively to any potential risks.


We provide our people with training on a range of compliance matters and our position on our approach to modern slavery and human trafficking risks is made available to our staff. In areas of our group we deem higher risk, our approach to modern slavery is also included in annual compliance training. It’s important to us to make sure everyone - at every level of the business - is aware of our compliance requirements and the ways we can reduce identified risks.

Looking Ahead

As the industries that the Octopus Energy Group operates in evolve and change over time, we will continue to work on and strengthen our assessments of risks to human rights.

We are committed both now and in the future to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings.

This statement is made pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and was approved by Octopus Energy Group Limited’s board of directors on 10 November 2022.

Greg Jackson, CEO

For and on behalf of Octopus Energy Group Limited

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