Verify Our Engineer

Hello! You've landed on this page after scanning our lovely Engineer's ID badge. Double check the date on their card has not expired and ask them the following question...

What do you get if you times the number of an Octopus' hearts by the number of an Octopus' brains?

🐙 ❤️ x 🐙 🧠 =


🐙 ❤️3 x 🐙 🧠 9 = 27

(Our Cephalopod friends have 9 brains - including one in each tentacle - and 3 hearts! Find out why Octopus' are so cool


Still want to be sure about our engineer? Call this number and ask us to verify over the phone

0808 196 7511

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!