Octoplus winners are heading to iconic summer festivals

We had some special summer festival tickets to give away, so last week, we asked our Octoplus customers to nominate an Octoplus-one – someone in their life who deserves a special treat and would relish the opportunity to attend a summer festival. We were utterly overwhelmed by 4500+ heartfelt submissions!

We firstly want to thank all our customers for being so raw, open and trusting to share your stories and celebrate your loved ones.

And the winners are…

Our grand prize winner was Sally from Dorset, who’ll be heading with their plus one to the biggest festival in the country… Glastonbury! With an EV and free electroverse power to fuel their journey to and from! Watt a prize!

12 other lovely customers won tickets to Camp Bestival, Wychwood Festival and Valley Fest with a few receiving some extra-special perks like a bar tab or a luxury tent.

We’ve contacted all the winners via email about your prizes.

Sally from Dorset

Matt from Hampshire

Helena from London

Clare from Holywell

Claire from Lancashire

Emyln from Lancashire

Steve from Leicester

Javier from Reading

Allan from Norfolk

Helen from South Glamorgan

Paul from Ossett

Raymond from Lincolnshire

Paul from Norfolk

We’re truly sorry more of you couldn’t win. We read every single entry – thousands of inspiring, heartwarming (and sometimes, heartbreaking) stories about incredible people who deserve festival fun and so much more. Needless to say, we had a really difficult job choosing just 13 of you.

All the nominations touched us, not just the winning ones, so we thought you might like to read a small selection of all of them…You can also read through #OctoPlusOne on Twitter and Instagram.

My wife the unsung hero of our crew—she juggles work, kids, and my dad jokes with superhero finesse. She deserves Dorset Bestival to rock out, dance like nobody's watching, and remember she's the real MVP in our world!

A 21 year old who works hard to help save our planet, walks or cycles as much as possible even though she can drive. She also works in an environment for cleaning lakes, canals etc, as an apprentice, and is striving to get her degree by doing one day a week at university. Her mindset is to help make our planet greener safer and healthier, but not burden the publics purse.

We have not met in person yet….however our journeys are so very similar, we became Brca buddies (Breast and Ovarian cancer gene mutation) via a mutual friend. Last year both of had a double mastectomy and also our ovaries removed, we have supported each other via WhatsApp through our surgeries, ironically we don’t live far from each other.

I want to take my neighbour because we've spent the last 6 months taking care of our 90 year old neighbour after finding out he was a hoarder. We found him half dead with pressure sores in a pile of rubbish. We saved his life, cleared and renovated his house and have become his carers. It's taken so much away from our lives. I run a business, we both have health issues and we have our own families. It would be amazing to have a proper adult break away.

My Daughter, just turned 17 years old on the 26th April, it would be great to spend some dad and daughter time together as I only see her for 2 weekends in a month. Just be nice to get to know her as she is growing up so fast.

I'd like to nominate my husband Mike for a summer festival trip because it is 25 years ago this summer since we first met at Reading Festival 1999...& he won me over with some candy floss! In May we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary.

My #OctoPlusOne would be my wife Dawn. She deserves it because she thinks she's too old for any summer shenanigans and if I presented her with tickets to a summer festival she would probably wet herself (and blame her age!)

I would love to take my kind caring grandaughter as she is a 12 year old breath of fresh air! She lives in Leeds with her mum and since a year old she has travelled a minimal of 4 hours to Wales 1 way most weekends and every single school holidays. No matter how late she arrives she always bursts through the door with a giant smile, a big hug and happy chatter. She has been hit with many obstacles and sadness in her short life but she always hits them head on and carries on smiling . She is truly a lovely genuinely kind soul and if anyone deserves a special weekend of music to remember then it is her!

My flatmate deserves tickets cos she made sure Octopus Energy was the energy provider for us! 4 yrs later, it’s clear the REAL energy provider in our home is Alex herself, bringing warmth wherever she goes – it’s why we have so much acc credit!

My daughter has been working so hard, revising for her A levels and planned to go inter-railing with her best pals after exams to celebrate. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she is now unable to join them. She's a huge music fan and this would make her so happy. Fingers crossed!

I nominate my lovely friend. She is kind and caring and always thinks of others before herself. She has had a challenging few years whilst searching for work and looking after her two teenage boys, but always positive and inspiring to us all.

I’d like to put forward my partner who brings so much energy to my life when my battery is flat! She’s a tour-de-force of a personality and, in spite of life’s set-backs - she gets things done and helps others around her feel recharged.

I’d like 2 nominate my wife for helping my “pet project” as a guide dogs puppy raiser & 1 of our daughters who works SO hard supporting amazing charity Centre point UK helping homeless young people get housing, training & work in covid & beyond.

I’m nominating my friend, a wonderful doctor and music lover! He is an oncologist who cares for young people with cancer and truly gives his patients his whole heart. And when his work is often tragic, he goes to see lots of live gigs to cheer up! No one is kinder and no one deserves this more.

My beautiful girlfriend deserves a fun break after all the hard work she has done for the past year - starting a new job, living in a new city, and for putting up with me! She has also not been to a festival in the UK before! love you x

This selfless humble geezer works extremely hard as a NHS Junior doctor all whilst looking after his ill mum and being a caring big brother to his younger sister.

I want to nominate my mum who is also an Octopus Energy customer. Because she is an NHS nurse and a single mum to myself and brother. She’s also a fabulous nan to my 4 year old daughter. We love experiencing things together as she had me at 16 so we are like Ginny & Georgia!

I would love to nominate my amazing husband as well as running a business and been an amazing dad to 2 Autistic children he does a lot for charity’s last year he had to drop out of the half marathon due to a back injury he still went along and helped them run a stall he then a few months later took on the run even...

Uni student works 8 hrs/day in his vacations to give less fortunate kids relief from tough times at home through sport. I'd love to see his several years of generosity rewarded.

I nominate my phenomenally talented wife. In the same 3 years, our second child was born, earned and excelled in a new head of environmental sustainability head of service job and has just achieved a distinction in her business management degree…

Last year we built a 28-meter-tall, bright pink and purple wind turbine in the heart of Glastonbury Festival in a matter of weeks. Aptly named “Gusty Spinfield” by one of our customers (who won 2 festival tickets for their witty suggestion).

We want to help prove that renewables can be here and ready for those who want them. And to have some fun along the way!

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!