Accelerating the green revolution with The National Forest

Octopus Energy has partnered with The National Forest and Infinite Renewables to supply The Midlands with local, affordable, green energy.

By working with The National Forest and Infinite Renewables in developing local, 100% green energy projects across the midlands to bring the benefits of local generation to those living and working closest to it. Together we want to create a greener world, where every home and business gets its power from a clean green energy generator just down the road.

Through developing local renewable generation projects, we can provide 100% renewable electricity at the same great prices as our other tariffs and include discounts for when renewable energy production is high.

This can also reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be transported into your home and business and thereby reduce the demand on that network and cut carbon emissions.

Included in the development and build of these green energy projects, we have also jointly pledged to enhance access routes into the forest for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

We need your help!

If you’re a landowner within the National Forest looking to develop your very own wind or solar farm, or part of a community that would love to be powered by local renewable energy, get in touch here.

If you’re a business within The National Forest looking for a local green energy supply, get in touch here.

And finally, if you live within the National Forest region and are interested in signing up for locally supplied renewable electricity when the projects are up and running you can sign up here.

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