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Choose where your energy comes from. Know when it'll save you money.


Max Power: Connect is a new way of doing business energy

It links your business to specific renewable energy generators, chosen by you.

When you use the energy your chosen generators produce, you’ll pay a lower price.

It’s cheaper, greener and flows directly from the renewable generator to your business.

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We've designed Max Power: Connect for dynamic, sustainable businesses

It's for customers that can shift some of their electricity usage to different parts of the day.

Our online dashboard shows when's best to use their energy to over the next 24 hours.

By moving their usage into these periods, businesses will pay less for it.



The level of guaranteed green energy for your business


Of your energy could come from your chosen sites


The savings businesses could make with Max Power: Connect


We'll time-match your usage

Time-matching energy means linking its source to its user in real time.

For every half-hour period, we predict how much electricity your linked sites generate.

We then allocate a portion of that to your business. And when you use that electricity, you pay a lower price for it.


Teamwork makes the green work

You decide the sites that generate your energy. So you can choose the generators that are right for you.

It's like picking a sports team - you can choose the players that suit your style and complement each other.

We have 5 solar ☀️ and wind 💨 farms available in England and Wales. They're booted up and ready to join your team:

Map of our 5 generators

Ovenden Moor, West Yorkshire 💨

Bryn Yr Odyn, Anglesey ☀️

Eakring, Nottinghamshire ☀️

Apse New Barn, Isle of Wight ☀️

Bradford, Devon ☀️


Be a part of it

Fill in the form below to receive a bespoke quote from our energy specialists.

We’ll look at your details and chosen sites. Then, we’ll let you know what your new rates will be - and how much of your energy we think can come from the generators on your team.

Once you’ve joined the tariff, we’ll send you certificates that show your green credentials - including where your energy is coming from. That way, you can tell the world about your responsible choices.

If you’re ready to be a part of it, let us know:


Max Power: Connect is a step towards the future of business energy

Octopus and Earth

  • Fossil fuels were the basis for the UK’s energy system - dirty resources which produce power, but harm our planet.
  • Renewable energy sources are clean. But, they can’t yet meet the country’s energy demand every hour of every day.
  • Businesses that join Max Power: Connect will be demonstrating that the country can run on renewable sources alone - and saving themselves money in the process.

Do you generate your own renewable energy that you want to share between your business' sites?

We have the tariff for you.

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