Introducing Max Power


The new ‘Max Power’ tariff allows businesses with two or more sites to send any excess renewable energy they’re generating to their other locations in the UK, unlocking the full potential of renewable assets across a portfolio.

Green energy is the cleanest and cheapest form of energy and should be harnessed where there is an abundance. Max Power offers a way for businesses to utilise surplus onsite green generation, keeping it within their portfolio and offsetting against their consumption elsewhere.

Using our technology, excess energy generated at one site can now be supplied to any other site in the portfolio with demand. This means maximising usage of generated energy, reducing reliance on an import tariff and minimising costs.

We're making energy for businesses both cheaper and greener

By using Kraken (Octopus's proprietary platform), we're able to view multiple sites as one business - as opposed to viewing them as standalone sites. This allows us to offer a single import and export wholesale rate - we’ve re-drawn where your business starts and ends!

Businesses will be billed and credited across all sites as one - making it far easier to manage and understand their energy costs. It will also demonstrate the importance of self-consumption and it's impact on being able to reduce energy bills.

Max Power has the ability to unlock the following:

  • reduce energy costs at a portfolio level
  • increase self-consumption of onsite generation across all sites
  • take more control around how energy is generated and consumed
  • demonstrate true sustainability measures

How to get involved 🙋

Super simple - if you are a business with 2 or more sites across the UK, including at least 1 with renewable generation, you can benefit from the features of Max Power! All you need to do is bring your energy supply onto Octopus and for us to purchase your energy exports.

We need just two minutes of your time to fill out the form below. Once submitted, we'll be in touch with more information on how you can realise the benefits of Max Power for your business.

We've also included an FAQ below and a helpful blog which can be accessed here and goes into more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions ✅

Do I need to have onsite generation across all of my sites?


Not at all! You only need onsite generation across 1 site as a start. The more onsite generation you have, the greater the chance of offsetting consumption elsewhere against this energy. If you are thinking about increasing your onsite generation, we can help with that too!

What type of onsite generation do I need?


As long as it generates energy, Max Power is totally agnostic to the technology type. So you could have rooftop solar, ground mounted solar, onshore wind, even battery storage. All technology types work.

I'm currently supplied by another energy supplier, what are my choices?


We are currently quoting the import and export tariffs for Max Power up to three months ahead of a start date. Given the current volatility of the energy market we unfortunately cannot quote further out than this just now. If you are within these time frames and interested to know more, please fill in the form above and we'll be in touch!

Do my sites need to be near each other?


No. They can be anywhere across the UK. As long as we can supply your import and purchase your exported energy, there's no locational limitations.

How much time-matched energy will I use?


The sky’s the limit! We’ve seen customers with high daytime demand use all of the energy they generate. It will vary depending on each businesses demands and generation profile. A more typical example we’ve seen is a customer increasing the amount of their generation they use from 20% to 60%. Three times as much onsite generation than without Max Power! A great showcase of renewables as well as saving money on their energy bill.

For my import tariff, can I still have a day/night tariff?


Absolutely! Your import tariff can still be structured how you like whether that’s a single rate or day/night tariff. It’s worth noting though, that energy transported from one site to another will be even cheaper than a night tariff.

Do I have to own the properties to bring them into Max Power?


No, as long as you have the ability to control the energy arrangements you’re good to go.

How long is a Max Power contract?


Currently, Max Power is only being offered on a 12 month contract, but we hope to extend this in the future.

Do my sites need to be “Half Hourly” or smart-metered?


No, we also accept Non-Half Hourly sites as well

How will I know if energy has gone from one site to another?


Don’t worry, we will do all the maths for you and summarise it monthly for each site. We are currently developing a way for you to see live where your energy is going - more on this soon!

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