Launching the Octopus Offshore Fan Club

Offshore wind power to your home!

Octopus Energy’s Fan Club is driving access to cheaper, greener ‘people-led’ renewable energy across the UK. We believe that renewables should be brought closer to the consumer and that people living near to generation projects should enjoy cheaper electricity when local wind turbines are spinning. So in 2021, we launched the first energy club to give customers the benefit of local renewable energy production in real-time.

After three over-subscribed onshore wind Fan Club's, we're now launching our first ever offshore Fan Club for customers living near the coast, from Grimsby down to Skegness!

How it works

With our Octopus Offshore Fan Club, you'll get 100% renewable electricity at the same great price as any other Octopus tariffs - but with a twist.

Any electricity you use while the offshore wind farm is spinning automatically benefits from a 20% discount.

Even better, when the wind picks up and the green electrons really start flowing, you’ll get 50% off every unit you use.


"I love been a part of the fan club and we have changed what we use and when according to what the fan is generating."

"The whole concept is brilliant and has changed the way I do my washing, tumble drying, dishwashing etc."

"I wanted to sign up more for the green energy, however, the discounts I have seen have 'blown me away'!"

Connie in Skegness

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!