Switch now to avoid a giant bill from E.on

E.ON have announced they're raising prices on their already expensive standard variable tariff by an eye-watering 8.8% for dual fuel customers as of April 26.

Even worse, this rise affects millions of their most loyal customers – those who don't have the time or inclination to call their supplier for a new fixed deal every 12 months.

You may have suspected you're paying too much. You may have planned to swap suppliers – or check you're not being ripped off – but just not got around to it.

Now is the time to switch, before this price rise hits your bills.

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Octopus energy promise great value forever

The big firms use "bait and switch" pricing. They snare you with a low price, then switch you up to a high one the minute your fixed deal ends. This means the longer you stay with them, the worse off you are.

Octopus Energy is different. We believe in good value for the long term, not just a fixed term. We offer fair prices for all our customers - new and old - based on the wholesale costs of the energy we supply.

And it makes a big difference. In fact, so far this year, our new customers have saved on average a whopping £140 off their annual bill compared to what they'd pay on the average variable tariff from the big suppliers.

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Introducing Octopus Energy

We're a new British born energy supplier, so you may not have heard of us. Here's what makes us different.

  • Everything we do is designed to make our customers' lives better, while being as kind as possible to the planet.
  • We've been investing in renewable energy for a while now, in fact, we're the UK's largest investor in solar generation.
  • We give fair, transparent pricing that reflects the wholesale cost of energy. We pass on savings to you and only ever increase prices when we really have to.
  • We have no exit fees or tie-ins, so you're free to leave at any time. Just choose the tariff that's right for you, and if you want to leave or change it, you can.
  • We give fantastic customer service that's fast and flexible – message us on Facebook, drop us an email, or simply give us a call. No giant call centres, just people who love their jobs and are eager to help.

Rated 5 stars for customer service from 294,099 reviews.

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