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Gaydio listeners can make £20 for Terrence Higgins Trust and save on their energy, by making the Octopus Energy switch.

Here at Octopus, we’re proud sponsors of small steps and giant leaps.  We believe we all have the power to create change, both big and small, with every choice we make. 

Take choosing your energy supplier. You could go for whatever that price comparison site told you to pick. Or you could choose a supplier that believes in a future of renewable energy and supplies all of its electricity from renewable sources. One that works to make things simple, transparent and accessible for everyone, and one that will donate £20 to Terrence Higgins Trust when you join. 

(Of course, if that supplier was really good value as well, that would make it a bit of a no-brainer...)

By making that choice, you’re contributing towards a leap to a greener, simpler, better future for everyone. That’s the power of small steps.

Terrence Higgins Trust share our belief that individuals, and communities, are a force for positive change. They are the leading and largest HIV and sexual health charity in the UK. They offer a range of services, from testing for sexually transmitted infections to counselling, groups, sexual health advice and practical support.

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