If you find a better deal we'll pay you the difference.

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Limited time offer

Found a better deal

Get a quote from us and if you find a better one elsewhere email it to Max, max.mcshane@octoenergy.com

(scroll to the bottom of this page for full details of what to include in your email)


When you've agreed the difference over email start your switch to Octopus Energy

- it only takes 2 minutes.

Match the difference

We'll add the difference in credit to your Octopus Energy account when you're on supply.


Why Octopus?


We care about our customers and the planet. We're the only energy supplier to be recommended by Which? three years in a row and we're uSwitch's Supplier of the Year for the second year too.

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Our electricity is

100% renewable electricity

There's no contract and no exit fees.

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Rated 5 stars for customer service from 310,676 reviews.


The not so small print

Send the quote you found to Max at max.mcshane@octopus.energy. Make sure to include where you found it, and all specifics of the offer including the unit rate and standing charge, and your property's energy usage figures, so we can compare.

We’ll run our comparison based on the unit rates and daily standing charges of both deals – not the quoted ‘monthly amount’ since these are usually based on estimates.

To make your quote and comparison super accurate, we’ll need your property’s real energy usage figures. These can be found on your previous energy bills. It’s often called your “Estimated Annual Consumption” or EAC, and will be a number in kWhs.

One of the team will email you back confirming how much we'll add to your account when you switch.

Starting your switch takes two minutes. After that, it’ll be a few weeks to get you officially switched over. We’ll handle everything, including telling your current supplier – so all you have to do is look forward to your greener future (plus our award-winning customer service and long-term fair pricing!)

Once you've officially moved over to the green side with Octopus Energy and your first Direct Debit payment has been taken, we'll add the agreed credit to your account for any cheaper quote you found.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!