5 ways this little-known tenancy law will make you happy

If you pay your energy bill, you can choose who to buy from. 

This is your legal right, regardless of what your tenancy agreement says.

Since you’ll always be more interested in a good deal than your landlord or agent, this makes it easier to find a supplier who gives you what you want. 

See how much you could save

“You could pay £1078 with British Gas, or £743 with Octopus”

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Here are 5 reasons why the right to choose your supplier will make you happy:

1. You’ll save money by avoiding the “Big Six”

Landlords and agents hate fuss. It’s unlikely you’re their only tenant, so to make it simple, they’ll stick you on a well-known supplier’s variable tariff. Easy for them, bad for you.

By choosing your own supplier, you can make sure you’re getting good value. Sign up with us and you could save £226 against “Big Six” Standard Variable Tariffs (average customer saving based on Ofgem medium usage values).


2. You’ll save time and hassle

Getting problems fixed through a landlord or agent takes time. Especially if it’s out of hours. They might just pass you a contact number, which means you’re stuck on hold instead of getting on with your day. 

The Big Six don't look after their customers well. Their service scores an abysmal 1 to 3 stars on TrustPilot, but as household names they're the first choice for lazy landlords or agents. Don't let them get away with it.

For customer care that responds to your needs – and the 5 star TrustPilot score to match – choose us. Whether it’s a morning Facebook message, after-work email, or a midnight tweet, we’re here to help you.


3. You'll get value that lasts

Many suppliers use cheap fixed deals to lure you in then move you to an expensive variable tariff when the deal ends. So unless you, your landlord, or agent switches supplier every year, you’re probably on a variable tariff – overpaying by £100s.

Whether you enjoy the security of a fixed price tariff, or prefer your prices to move with the wholesale market, you deserve good value for the long-term. Our fixed and variable tariffs are very similar, so you can choose the tariff you want without losing out.

Big Six price hikes after your fixed deal ends...


Data based on publicly available tariff information for the Eastern region March-August 2016.

4. You’ll enjoy freedom to leave or change tariffs anytime

All of the Big Six charge exit fees on their cheapest tariffs. Usually £30 per fuel. So if you’re unhappy with their service or see a better offer, you’re stuck with them.

Your landlord or agent probably hasn’t thought this through. Are they going to spend time researching suppliers’ terms and conditions when they simply pass the cost to you?

We never charge exit fees or lock you into a contract. You’re free to leave us at any time, or switch to another of our own tariffs if one catches your eye. 


5. You can do your bit for the planet 

Your agent or landlord doesn’t care where your energy comes from. To them, your energy supply is just another bit of admin. But if, like us, you think it’s important to use energy sustainably, you’ll want to know your energy is coming from renewable sources – like solar or wind. 

We offer 100% renewable energy on all our tariffs from 8 British solar farms and 6 anaerobic digestion sites (where we make energy from waste).

We use solar farms and anaerobic digestion plants to guarantee greener energy, all-year-round.


Switching is easy and hassle-free

“You could pay £1078 with British Gas, or £743 with Octopus”

The Times newspaper logo

Don’t let these common excuses stop you...

“Isn’t switching energy a hassle?”

Actually, no. Just ask over 1,000 of our happy TrustPilot reviewers

Our fastest switch was 31 seconds – less than the time it takes to skim this article. We even tell your old supplier you’re moving. 

“I’m only on a short tenancy…”

If you could save £100s per year, even a six month tenancy is worth the move. We never charge exit fees so you can leave whenever you like. And did we mention you can do it in 31 seconds?

“I’d have to convince my housemates…”

Get a quote and show it to them. I’ve yet to hear of anyone turn down the chance to save money AND get better service.

“I don’t want to speak to my landlord…”

You don’t have to. If you’re responsible for paying the bill, it’s your legal right to choose the energy supplier.

You're in control, so make yourself happy... 

Switch to us and we'll give you all 5 benefits and more – all in less time than it takes to boil a kettle. 

See how much you could save

“You could pay £1078 with British Gas, or £743 with Octopus”

The Times newspaper logo

Switching has never been simpler

A screwdriver and a spanner

No engineer or installer visits

A kettle plugged into an outlet

No disruption to your supply

A mobile phone with an octopus outline on display

We'll inform your old supplier

A happy globe holding an award

Award-winning customer service

Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you're making the right move.

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Switching is easy and hassle-free

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