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"Working at KrakenFlex ticks a lot of boxes for me. I get to use the latest technologies and have room for continuous improvement of my software developing skills... and I get to build a solution that is making the world a better place"

Kate - Developer, KrakenFlex


"We're transforming energy through tech"

The way the world manages energy is changing rapidly. We are in a period of transformation from power being generated by a small number of massive generation sources to hundreds, thousands, and eventually, millions of sources of energy distributed around the country, from solar and wind farms to electric vehicles and connected homes. 

Our electricity system now requires constant real-time changes in output and consumption from a huge number of small flexible generators and end consumers.

However, until now, existing technology has not been able to provide the data, integration, or digital capability to effectively manage this new landscape.

The KrakenFlex solution

Our real-time, deep tech software platform digitally controls generation, storage and demand side response Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). 

  • Agnostic – Connect to any device seamlessly
  • Fast – Sub-second response 
  • Scalable – Manage hundreds of thousands of devices real-time
  • Secure - Industry leading security protocol
  • Transparent -  Financial and physical performance reports across your fleet
  • Cost-effective – ‘Pay As You Use’ subscription model

Octopus Energy, an award-winning UK energy supplier backs KrakenFlex. Find out more about KrakenFlex at our website


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We don't churn out cuboids

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Our work is powered by freedom, autonomy and responsibility. Octopus people are driven by a desire to make the world better. We find ways we can help, and take ownership for making change happen fast.

Our founder Greg has a theory that building a great team should be like building a dry-stone wall...

We don't churn out cuboids. Instead of managers pushing KPIs, we give people the space and opportunity to deliver brilliance. What you do at Octopus morphs and changes, so you can make the biggest impact doing what you're brilliant at.

This way of working isn't for everyone. You have to drive your own work forward; be agile, flexible, and personally accountable for everything you do, from idea to conception.

Expect the unexpected.


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