Almost there: Connect your EV or charger to Intelligent Octopus Go

Exciting! You’re about to join Intelligent Octopus Go and start smart charging your EV when electricity is cheapest and greenest!

After accepting our terms and conditions, there are just a couple of final steps to complete your setup.

Connect your device
Complete a test charge

Connecting your device to Intelligent Octopus Go

Your connection to Intelligent Octopus Go depends on your EV and charger. After you’ve selected them on the app, we’ll find the best way to connect to Intelligent Octopus Go.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Accept the terms and conditions on the Intelligent Octopus Go app
  2. We’ll ask you to log in with the app that’s best to connect to Intelligent. For example, the app for your Tesla, Jaguar, Audi, or Ohme charger.
  3. Please proceed and sign in with your usual login details for the app
  4. Wait until we’ve found your car
  5. Give permission to connect

Here's how to set yourself up for success:

  • Check if you have the latest version of the Octopus Energy app
  • Check if you have the latest version of the app for the car or charger you’re connecting with
  • Wait a couple of minutes before clicking on complete after setting up the connection. This will allow a bit more time for synchronising the information

Troubleshooting the connection

Don't worry if it doesn't work the first time around. We have a few tips in case an error message pops up.

Unable to wake up the car/charger


Double-check if your device is connected to the internet.

Unable to get the car’s coordinates


This means we couldn't locate your device. Please turn on your car's location services.

Your EV is not registered with the brand's remote control services


Your EV wasn't found in the app. If you haven't done so already, register your EV in the manufacturer's app.

Double-check if you're using the same login details when you're logging into your EVs app and when logging in via the Intelligent Octopus Go app.

Unable to register a car on your system


This likely means that the flow of information is blocked. Check that your model is capable of sending us all relevant information

Your charger is not registered to the Ohme account you logged in with


Please contact Ohme to have your account updated before trying to connect again.

Complete a test charge

Once your device is connected, we just need to confirm your setup is ready by completing a test charge.

The video below guides you through the process:


Here’s how to prepare:

  • Make sure you have enough space in your car battery for a 7-minute charge
  • Deactivate charging schedules from your car, charger and other apps to avoid interference with Intelligent Octopus Go
  • Complete your test charge while you’re at home (we set ‘home’ to be your EV’s location at the time you connected your EV)
  • Plug your car in before starting the test charge


  1. Click on Test connection
  2. Wait about 7 minutes - perfect for a cup of tea
  3. As soon as you see a green toggle next to Test connection your setup is complete!

Troubleshooting your test charge

In case your test charge did not complete the first time around, the app has an integrated troubleshooting guide. Just click on the test charging button in the app to find out why the charge wasn’t completed and how to fix the issue.


Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!