Home Grown

A farmers role is very unique and powerful within the UK, especially when it comes to the future of our energy system. We all know that farmers deliver food and protect the natural environment around them. However more recently (and increasingly!) farmers have also played a key role in producing clean energy for their own, local and national needs.

Whilst supporting agricultural business, we want to help in the journey towards energy security and deliver cheap, green energy directly to farmers. This is why Octopus Energy Generation have created 'Home Grown'.

With 3/4 of British land area in the agricultural sector, farmers can become energy producers in their own rite. We are working on developing a portfolio of farmers who would benefit from a 50kW-250kW wind turbine on their land and directly supply their farm and other farm buildings locally. We will fund, develop and build all wind turbine sites, offering a land rental payment as well as access to long-term, cheap 100% home grown renewable energy to these farms.


For any questions, please contact homegrown@octoenergy.com


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