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How does Intelligent Octopus Go work and how can I join?

We have a 30 second video guide on how Intelligent Octopus Go works and who can join.

Intelligent Octopus Go evolved from our Octopus Go smart tariff: you have access to a super low price between 11:30pm - 5:30am for the whole home, plus it smart-charges your car at the cheapest and greenest times overnight. Occasionally we'll smart charge your car outside of the off-peak window but don't worry, all smart charging is billed at the off-peak rate.

Intelligent Octopus Go will pair directly with your car or charger, using Kraken’s machine learning to find the best time to charge. Simply use the app to tell us when you need the car charged and how much charge you need and we’ll make sure it’s ready for use.

Requirements for use:

  • You’re an Octopus Energy customer (sign up here)

  • Have a smart meter we can connect to

  • A compatible EV charging system

  • A compatible iOS or Android device

You can check your eligibility on the IO signup page, and as ever please get in touch if you have any questions.We’re expanding the cars, chargers, and operating systems compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go all the time.