Grantham Climate Art Prize 2023 - Winners

The Grantham Art Prize 2023 competition is now over. Well done to everyone who took part!

We've received over 1000 incredibly thought-provoking climate change related art pieces and have found our top winners for each category.

The 3 category winners have all won £500 cash, their work will be recreated onto a wall mural in either London, Coventry or Glasgow and displayed on billboards across London in the run up to COP28, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference

The 6 runners up have won £250 each 🤑 and everyones work will be displayed on our online gallery - check them out below!

Read more about the Grantham Climate Art Prize here.

Winner of the 11-14 age category

Congratulations Samuel who has won the 11 - 14 category. Their art will be recreated as a mural on a wall in Coventry.

Grantham Age 11 - 14 winner

My drawing features a Kingfisher escaping pollution by flying to a greener happier future. On one side you can see plastic bottles floating in oily water, smoke, and factories. The other half we see a greener world – with clean water, forest, and a wind farm. I saw the wind turbines off the Brighton coast on a recent seaside trip which inspired my drawing. I hope you like it!

Samuel, 11

Runner up for the 11-14 age category

2nd place Orla
3rd place

Orla, 13 is our 2nd place winner

Orla chose to draw this piece of artwork because it shows the differences between what the earth was and what the earth could be. In the centre of this piece I have added a clock to show that the time we have left to solve our mistakes is running out.

Kelvin, 13 comes in 3rd place with Friends of the Earth

Kelvin explained that his piece of art has a deep meaning behind it symbolising the actions of many people who have a passion in protecting and nurturing the planet. Some of the actions are shown in this drawing, the left person is painting the world green, showing afforestation and protecting the world's green spaces, the person in the middle, placing some wind turbines into the Earth, a form of renewable energy, and the person on the right is taking some of the rubbish thrown into the ocean out of the Earth's waters.

Winner of the 15-18 age category

Congratulations Janet who has won the 15 - 18 category. Their art will be recreated as a mural on a wall in London.


My digital art piece is a comic-style illustration that depicts individuals using their voices as a force for change in the battle against the climate crisis. I wanted to show the different ways people, especially younger generations can use their voice even if they can’t vote yet. Climate activism is accessible to anyone who cares enough about the planet and humanities future on it. I wanted to capture the essence of activism and the importance of collective voices uniting to combat climate change, to inspire viewers to take action themselves.

Janet, 17

Runner up for the 15-18 age category

2nd Runner up
2nd Runner up

Holly, 18 has taken 2nd place in this category

Holly was inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night painting, by adding a modern eco-friendly twist it would engage people who saw it on the street. It shows an eye catching sky with various different sources of green energy dotted around the landscape, rivers and towns (Wind turbines, hydro power and solar energy). It also says "invest in green energy" in bright yellow lights on the side of city buildings.

Holly, 19 finishes in 3rd place

Holly says "My work is portrayed to show people the effects of using your car and to influence people to leave their cars at home where possible. The side mirror shows the bad effects that emissions from your car can cause."

Winner of the 19 - 25 age category

Congratulations Ria who has won the 19 - 25 category Their art will be recreated as a mural on a wall in Glasgow.

Winner 19 - 25 age category

Runner up for the 19-25 age category

The artwork I have created here demonstrates the work of “Team Green”. They are working their hardest to rectify damage caused to our environment as a result of advanced industrialisation. Together they embody the importance of preservation of our planet’s natural beauty.

Ria, 21
1st Runner up
2nd Runner up

Lucy, 23 has taken 2nd place in the 19 - 25 category

Lucy's artwork features two figures consumed by technology, media and themselves. Behind them, the natural world descends into chaos as trees begin to burn, sea levels rise and greenhouse gases pollute the air. The earth is 'crying' for help. The busy composition reflects this environmental conflict. However, the figures choose to ignore the rapidly worsening climate crisis that surrounds them. I wanted to make a visual commentary on the youth of society in particular, since ultimately, it is the younger generation who will bear most of the consequences for our environmental actions. They have the power to promote change now for the future. The figures depicted in the artwork sit in isolation, absorbed solely by their own lives and selfish pursuits. I hope my artwork asks the viewer to question exactly what it will take for us to change our selfish habits, take personal responsibility and collaborate with others towards climate activism.

Caitlin, 20 finishes in 3rd place

Caitlin says this piece centres on the idea of reducing consumption and waste, showing someone unravelling an old jumper to crochet a new blanket. Clothing waste and fast fashion are issues I'm passionate about, I believe we should appreciate our clothes more and up-cycle them wherever possible to prevent them just going to landfill. The art shows a simple thing we can do, crocheting a beautiful new thing out of our old clothes, so we can create a future with less waste. The slogan makes the message clear: reduce consumption, reuse old materials and recycle them into new items we will use.

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