We're hiring for Customer Operations Roles (Energy Specialists)


"During uni I kind of thought I'd go and sell my soul working for a big bank. Genuinely, that's what I thought I'd do. Now, I could not think of anything worse."

Ruby, Senior Operations Manager


What does it mean to work in customer operations for Octopus Energy?

As an energy specialist, you'll join one of our dedicated teams across the UK working hard to give outrageously good customer service to nearly three million UK households.

You'll chat to customers over the phone and via email every day to sort out issues and answer their questions. Our unique technology platform automates manual, repetitive tasks, meaning you're freed up to focus on what matters most: being a genuine, supportive human for our customers, and taking responsibility for solving the most complex challenges. You'll get the freedom to help people in a way you too would like to be helped. You'll take ownership of their needs and find a way, no matter what, to figure things out with them.

We treat all of our customers like our grannies, (no offence intended - we really love our grannies) - with patience, kindness and warmth. We could tell you so many stories of the relationships customers have built with us as if we were family.

If this opportunity sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.


Want to know what this job is actually like?

The best way to understand is to actually hear it from the team. A few of them have made some quick videos about their time here.

Laura, a relative newbie in Octopus terms, talks about helping customers from home.

Denise talks about her massively varied role as part of our remote Digital Operations team.

Wander around Brighton with Operations Manager Aaliyah.

Hayley travels between Warwick, Manchester and beyond to train up new team members.


Read in-depth chats with our team, and find out what to expect after you apply for the job.

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Spotlight on... Ruby One of Octopus' first ever energy specialists, who's now a Senior Operations Manager at Kraken Technologies
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We don't churn out cuboids

Energy Specialists

Our work is powered by freedom, autonomy and responsibility. Octopus people are driven by a desire to make the world better. We find ways we can help, and take ownership for making change happen fast.

Our founder Greg has a theory that building a great team should be like building a dry-stone wall...

We don't churn out cuboids. Instead of managers pushing KPIs, we give people the space and opportunity to deliver brilliance. What you do at Octopus morphs and changes, so you can make the biggest impact doing what you're brilliant at.

This way of working isn't for everyone. You have to drive your own work forward; be agile, flexible, and personally accountable for everything you do, from idea to conception.


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