Portraits from the Precipice: a worldwide art movement to save the planet

We want the eyes of the world on the climate crisis. So we’re taking over billboards across the UK to launch the world’s largest open air art exhibition inspiring action on climate change.

Worldwide, artists from online marketplace Artfinder have already been taking part (see submissions below). Now it's your turn...

Create your own artwork inspired by the climate crisis, and you could see your creation on billboards around the UK. You’ll also be in with a chance of winning an eco-holiday 🌱

The artwork will appear on billboards from 25th November, in tube stations, along roadsides, overlooking iconic destinations, across the UK.

How to submit your artwork


Take a photo and send it to art@octopus.energy, along with:

  1. Your name (this will appear on our online gallery)
  2. Your age (if you wish! You can be any age)
  3. The name of your artwork
  4. A few words about your creation – what it represents, how you made it, what climate change means to you

We’ll display your submissions right here on this page, and select a few favourites to add to our outdoor art exhibition between now and February.

We’ll stop taking entries 1st February 2020. Shortly after, we’ll announce the winner.

Portraits from the Precipice Gallery

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World on Fire (2020)

Simone Eisenbeiss

It seemed such a good idea (2019)

db Waterman

Our world is dying (2020)

Seren H (age 10)

Deforestation (2017)

Neha Soni

Wake up call (2019)

Beata Belanszky

My Planet - Balloon (2019)

Lena Smirnova

Sir David Attenborough (2019)

Laura Selevos

Last Year's Model (2011)

Stephen Beer

Protest (2019)

Laura Selevos

Rewilding - Times Square (2019)

Nicola McLean

Avarice (2019)

Moira Stark

The burning heart of mother earth (2019)

Malcolm Horton

At what cost (2019)

Lindsay Tempest

When the sea meets the sky (2019)

Lauren Stephenson

Carousel IV (2019)

Daniel Loveday

Renewable Energy (2019)

Jean Tatton Jones

HOME (2019)

Angelo Nataraj Saka

Meltdown (2019)

Kirstie Taylor

The time is running out (2019)

Pilar Correia

The Future's in our Hands (2019)

Zoe Elizabeth Norman

Destination uninhabitable planet (2019)

Pilar Correia

Beyond the Precipice (2019)

Rebecca Coleman

Anthropocene (2019)

Christopher T Roberts

I Matter (2019)

Ashlie Urquhart

Human Intervention (2019)

Nistor Andrei

Polar Bear Epitaph (2019)

Kitty Forster

I Scream for Climate Change

J. Procter (age 11)

You can't eat money

Kitty Forster

Catch me or I'll fall (2019)

Malin Östlund

Pollution Window (2017)

Rina Mualem

The Butterfly Effect (2019)

Andrew Hartley

Houses with smoke (2018)

Victoria Cozmolici

Artist spotlight... Ryan Louder

Ryan Louder has been a successful songwriter composer for twenty years with a huge output of symphonies to operas to co-writing with the biggest artists in the world from Dua Lipa to Migos.

He's a prolific oil painter of nearly 700 paintings only starting to paint little under three years ago. This creativity is partly due to his incurable brain disorder Narcolepsy which locks Ryan’s brain into REM awake or asleep, and has been put forward for a study at Guys and St Thomas hospital.

He sat down with some of the Octopus team to talk about his Portrait of Greta work a tribute to the young climate activist Greta Thunberg taking the form of nine oil paintings and a symphony.

Have a look inside the studio, see how these paintings came together and listen to an excerpt of Greta in song in our interview below.

You can listen to his music here.

Artist spotlight... Edgar Ruesga

Fascinated by the beauty hiding in plain sight, every day scenarios with just the perfect light or a very interesting composition, Edgar is obsessed in finding the magic and meaning in reality.

His piece created exclusively for the 'Portraits from the Precipice' project is described as a factory of nightmares. This is the second painting to the 'Nimbus' series, and it's exactly the opposite from the first one, in here we see the chaotic and aggressive assault to our environment, the urgent call for action and a gloomy view of the future in black and white.

Hey I'm Constantine, welcome to Octopus Energy!