Earn £100 for Charity Link and your business


Helping individuals and families in desperate need across Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire to have the essential items we all deserve for a decent standard of living.

Switch your business to Octopus and we'll donate £100 directly to Charity Link.

You'll earn £100 account credit for your business too.


Charity Link works to ensure that people in financial hardship are dry, warm, clean, safe and fed.

Charity Link improves wellbeing, dignity, and standards of living by providing essential items, such as clothing (including school uniforms), beds, white goods, and - in emergencies - help with food and utilities.


Let’s start with easy switching:

A screwdriver and a spanner

No engineer or installer visits

A kettle plugged into an outlet

No disruption to your supply

A mobile phone with an octopus outline on display

We'll inform your old supplier

A happy globe holding an award

Award-winning customer service

Backed by the Energy Switch Guarantee, you can be confident that things will run smoothly and that you're making the right move.

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