Updates to our business terms and conditions

Here you'll find the latest terms and conditions for Octopus energy for Business:

Version 2.0: Updated September 2023

  • Updating our registered office address details
  • Section 1.1. Changes to terminology; the schedule and welcome pack were previously referred to as separate items, they have now been grouped together and renamed 'summary'
  • Section 2.3 Updated to reflect that we are now a FIT provider
  • Section 2.3. We’ve added new URLs to signpost you to our tariff rates for deemed contracts
  • Section 4.4.5 We've clarified in better detail the types of charges that may apply to your supply.
  • Section 4.6 We've clarified the different situations where we may need to pass costs through to you; for example if we are required to by Ofgem or if we incur costs that are because of a breach by you of the terms of supply
  • ​​Section 4.7 We've made the wording around security deposits and advance payments clearer and have clarified the processes we may follow for each
  • Section 8.6: We've set out more clearly the steps we may take if you fail to pay for your charges under the contract and included detail of how we can support customers who are in debt and struggling to pay their bills
  • Section 8:10: New addition to add in new refund rules
  • Section 14 General - we have consolidated the boilerplate wording of the contract to make this section shorter and easier to read.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer service team at business@octopus.energy or call 020 3389 5613.

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